00281b Mark Passio is an independent researcher, public speaker and radio talk show host from Philadelphia. He practiced black magic for several years but finally came to the conclusion that he was not on the right path with his activities. After admitting to himself that he needed to change, he began his personal quest for truth and studied metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness for several years.

In this 4 part lecture series Mark presents a deep analysis of the nature of reality.


Further information can be found on Mark's website : http://whatonearthishappening.com

Don't shy away from this lecture because it is so long. It is highly recommended to at least watch the first 15 minutes of the first presentation to get an idea on Mark's approach. After watching these first 15 minutes, you might be intrigued to want to know more...


Part 1 - The solution

Covered topics : Consciousness, Self-Knowledge, The Human Brain, Polarity, Love and Fear, Freedom, Direction, Worldview, Magic versus Sorcery, Barriers to Realization of the True Self, Ego identification, Good and Evil, Harmony of thoughts - emotions and actions, Imbalace of brain hemispheres

The key questions this part will cover ::

  • Who are we ?
  • What is the purpose of human life ?
  • Why do we hold the beliefs we do about ourselves and the world ?
  • Why do we act the way we do towards ourselves and others ?
  • What is happening in the world today and why ?
  • How can we improve ourselves and the world in which we live ?

Part 2a - The Problem

Covered topics : The Pyramid of Manipulation, Occultism, Globalist Agenda, Freemasonery, Methods of Mind Control (Obfuscation, Worldview Poisoning, Exploitation of Primal Fears, Divide and Conquer, Indoctrination, Financial System, Kontrolle der Mass Media, Food and Medicine, Religion, Subversive Symbolism)

The key questions covered in parts 2a and 2b :

  • What is the nature of the problem we collectively face ?
  • Who or what is creating this problem ?
  • How is this problem manifested in the world ?
  • Is there an underlying agenda and if so, what is it ?

Part 2b - The Problem

Covered topics : Subversive Symbolism, Problem-Reaction-Solution, Chaos Sorcery, Occult Symbolism of 9/11 and Kabbalah, The Ultimate Globalist Agenda

Part 3 - The application of the solution

Covered topics : Raising conscious awareness, Apocalyse means revealing, Personal Sovereignty, Government = Mind Control, Cooperative Spiritual Anarchy, Natural Law, 10 Grassroots Solutions for REAL Change