Dr. Daniele Ganser : 9/11 - A Swiss historian's investigation (english) [09/2011]

00104eDr. Daniele Ganser teaches history at the University of Basel, Switzerland. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the secret armies of NATO in Western Europe which were established after World War 2. A topic hardly ever talked about in the media because it is a dark and sinister spot in the history of NATO.

In this lecture at the University of Basel from September 1st 2011 he takes a closer look at 9/11 and the investigation of the last 10 years since the attack happened.

Dr. Daniele Ganser's website : http://www.danieleganser.ch/Home.html?lang=en


Time stamps for this lecture :


0:00:00 - Introduction

0:04:10 - Chapter 1 : 3 different stories about 9/11, the Afghan war and drug trade, the Iraq war, Propaganda of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, politics of fear, lies of the Bush administration, American university professors and alternative research, Invocation of Article 5 by NATO, NATO's secrets armies

0:24:00 - Chapter 2 : Sources for the different 9/11 stories, the 9/11 Commission report, Prof. David Ray Griffin, US-Senator Mike Gravel

0:32:35 - Chapter 3 : Examples of government conspiracies in recent history

0:36:40 - Chapter 4 : World Trade Center 7, FEMA report from 2002, NIST report from 2008, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Larry Silverstein, firemen witnessing secondary explosions on 9/11, dust sample research by university professors, BBC world reporting collapse of WTC7 20 minutes too early

0:52:05 - Chapter 5 :  Attack on the Pentagon, Norman Mineta and Dick Cheney

0:56:15 - Chapter 6 :  Put options on American Airlines and United Airlines shares before 9/11

0:58:48 - Chapter 7 :  Secret Pentagon project "Able Danger"

1:02:16 - Chapter 8 : Osama Bin Laden, oil dependency, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, Khalid Scheikh Mohammed

1:10:35 - Chapter 9 : Operation Northwoods 1962

1:14:20 - Conclusions

After the lecture several questions were asked from the audience :

  • 0:00 - What about the anthrax attacks after 9/11 ?
  • 1:10 - What is missing to start a new investigation ?
  • 2:28 - Why is the press not reporting properly about 9/11 ? (highly recommended)
  • 7:12 - What do you think about the scientists of "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" ?

Additional information :

The organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth mentioned in Chapter 4 has produced the documentary "Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out". It is available in the Resource section

A detailed article on additional inconsistencies regarding 9/11 is available at this link in the Knowledge Base. The article also has several videos embedded e.g. from eye witnesses which the massmedia has never shown and probably will never show.