Donation to Matrixwissen

In case you found this website helpful for your personal growth, then you have the opportunity to provide with a small donation.
I avoid any kind of advertisement on my website as well as on Youtube, since I want to ensure to remain neutral and fully independant of any financial influences. Additionally I consider ads that interrupt videos with deep content rather distracting, so I disabled ads on my own Youtube videos. Nevertheless running this website costs money and also a lot of time, which is the reason I consider donations a fair compromise to enable a form of "energy balancing". The aim of the donations is to at least cover the expenses of running this website.
Donations can be made in 2 different ways:
1. Via Paypal - Link to provide Matrixwissen with a Paypal donation
  • Paypal allows you to either pay with credit card or from your bank account
2. Via Bitcoin - My wallet: 1DkX9L7Nc3BP9jG7vFBTKSSjALB1rcpEqq

(If you donate via Bitcoin please send a short email in parallel otherwise I have no way to know from whom the donation was and I have no way to say thank you)

In case both ways do not work for you but you still want to donate something, you find my postal adress in the Impressum, as well as other ways of contacting me.

Thanks in advance for your support !

Donations chronicle :

2010 : No donations

2011 : No donations

2012 : No donations

2013 : 9 donations

2014 : 12 donations

2015 : 9 donations

2016 : 9 donations

2017 : 16 donations

2018 : 11 donations