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Mind, Brain and Consciousness

A group of renowned physicians and neuroscientist gathered at the United Nations in New York to present and discuss their latest insights on the relationship between mind, brain, and consciousness. The presented findings are revolutionary and point towards the emergence of a new paradigm in science.

Link to a selection of videos from the UN Symposium

Holographic Universe

00156eAuthor Michael Talbot was interested in parallels between mysticism and physics and wrote several books in this field. Over the last decades scientists developed a holographic model of reality which can explain several inexplicable phenomena. Michael presents this model and also shares personal experiences which formed his worldview in this respect and inspired him to write a best-selling book on the topic.

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Scientific research on near-death experiences

00102cDr. Pim van Lommel is a Dutch cardiologist who started doing scientific research on near-death experiences after several of his cardiact arrest patients reported having witnessed events while their brain was clinically dead. In 2001 he published a by now famous Lancet study on the subject. In this interview he talks about his research and insights

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The Science Delusion

00325tBiochemist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake researched several delusions of science, particularly the assumptions on which modern science is based. In this lecture he traces back the history of several scientific dogmas and he shares his most inconvenient findings about them.

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Power of Subconscious Belief

00103dBruce Lipton was a professor for biology. During his research on genes, he made amazing discoveries. His key message : Your subconscious beliefs run your life. If these beliefs do not fit your life situation, you have the ability to change them.

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Nature of Reality

00136kThomas Campbell is a physicist who used to work for NASA. Over the last 30 years he developed a "Theory of Everything" that brings physics and metaphysics in one theory. In his lecture he presents a condensed summary of his theory.

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PSI Research

00224vDr. Dean Radin studied electrical engineering as well as psychology and has been researching PSI phenomena like telepathy and presentiments of future events for over 12 years. His experiments document that these phenomena are real but Dean's findings don't fit into the established scientific models.

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Gates of Awakening

00133hNeil Kramer identifies in this lecture different filters of conscious awareness, which conceil our perception of the external world. Additionally he provides some clues how to deconstruct these filters.

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Children's memories of previous lives

00101bDr. Jim Tucker is a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia. He has researched 2500 cases of children that have detailed memories about previous lives. In this interview Jim talks about his research into children who have provided names and other verifiable information from previous lives.

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Experiencing a stroke

00125zNeuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened - she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding - she studied and remembered every moment. In this lecture she shares her experience.

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Beware online filter bubbles

00118sIn this 9-minute lecture Eli Pariser elaborates on how filter algorithms are pre-selecting the information users are presented with on search engines like Google or websites like Facebook. This user-specific tailoring mechanism decides without our consent which information is of importance to us and puts us in a reality bubble that reconfirms our worldview.

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Crop Circles

This award-winning documentary explores the crop circle phenomenon from various angles. It presents scientific research results along with amazing videos and pictures of the most stunning formations. Various experts on crop circles are interviewed about their insights.

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The Day Before Disclosure

02063mThis documentary covers the UFO / ET presence on Earth. It presents evidence gathered over the last 60 years along with interviews of witnesses from military and government. A collection of highly unusual information which you might never hear about from mainstream news sources.

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This article is primarily intended for people who have spent some time on my website, have come to the conclusion that there is a point at least to some of the presented information but who have no clue how the presented puzzle piece add up to a consistent big picture. So in case you are a new visitor to my website and ended up reading this article on your first visit, it might make more sense to first have a look around in other areas of the website.

The main intention of this article is to present you with my conclusions about reality and life which are the result of many years of daily intense research. In order to keep this article short not all topics I deal with on my website are included. It remains a work in progress on a lifelong journey and as new and relevant information surfaces I will be re-examining my conclusions. (Revision : May 2013)

01038mMy personal journey into seeking truth started after a rather unpleasant awakening to a larger reality which involved experiences I could not explain within my old materialistic paradigm. One of them involved finding myself outside my body not being able to actively breath but watching my own body breathing or in better terms feeling as if it was being breathed because I still felt like I was in my body but could not control its functions anymore. This experience was way too much to be explained away as a bad dream, mainly because in all my regular dream experiences I have never seen my own body this way not even once. So these out of body experiences where I could see my body and watching it from an outsiders perspective while somehow still being in my body with respect to body sensation were something very different and they happened several times without me intending them to happen because afterall I had no frame of reference for the experience at that time. Another strange aspect to my out of body experiences was being able to see perfectly in completely dark rooms even though my vision in this case was held in grey colours. There was no distinguishable difference between the reality I experienced when being out of body and the "real world" so the whole thing was very different from a dream experience in many aspects, mainly because it felt absolutely real when experiencing it but it also felt exactly as real after returning to my body, probably even more real than reality itself if that makes any sense. Additionally I have been successful twice in returning to my body from an out-of-body state without loosing consciousness at the point of switching, so in a sense a continious crossing over between two realities. In dreams this is not the case - at least for me - because I always loose consciousness at the end of a dream and before waking up. The best analogy to describe how the out of body state feels to me is that it feels like being in the projector room from which our 3D-reality is created, similar to the projector room of a cinema.

These experiences lead to a change in perception with respect to my identification with my body because "I" obviously was only using my body as a vehicle to interact in this reality but who was this "I". A deep self-analysis into my own character dissolved a lot of the false images of myself I was carrying around and opened up new ways of thinking about myself as well as the nature of reality.

01065oTruly understanding the implications of quantum physics and the double slit experiment was one of the key turning points of the journey that followed. Essentially the double slit experiments shows that the reality we live in is not objective. Especially the results of the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment from 1999 show that causality as we know it, is being violated and information seems to be travelling back in time in this experiment.

But this is only the case, if we look at the results of the experiment from a purely materialistic viewpoint. In case we open ourselves up to the idea that reality itself might not be fundamental but that it might be computed "somewhere" - similar to a virtual reality simulation in a computer - then suddenly all results of the double slit experiment make perfect sense. It might still take a while until scientists are open-minded enough to evaluate this new viewpoint and to question their purely materialistic worldview. Putting the objectivity of reality into question is taboo in science even though the results of hundreds of experiments point into this direction. There is simply too much to loose and too many other theories would have to be reevaluated as well, so ignoring these results is the prefered solution of science, even though ignoring scientific facts and simply labeling them an anomaly this rather unscientific.

Convincing evidence for the claim that reality is not objective and that matter can be directly influenced by our mind has been produced over a 30 year period by the engineering faculty of Princeton University in the US. In over 60 published scientific papers (40 of which are available as a free download) the PEAR Lab has shown through various experiences with random number generators that the results of experiments can be altered just by the power of the human mind. Their research has been summarized in a short documentary which is available at this link.

Accepting that reality is not objective but probabilistic is a quite radical shift in perception and there is a big difference between pondering this aspect in your mind versus understanding it on a being level. Furthermore another of my initial experiences during "waking up" involved a very clear knowing that what I considered as the fundamental level of reality was not fundamental at all. At that time I could only describe it as a "Matrix moment", feeling like Neo in the movie Matrix waking up and realizing the reality he lived all his life in was to some extent fake. This feeling made no sense at that time so I put it aside until I came across models of reality which could explain my experiences.

00135jThe best model I have found sofar is by author Thomas Campbell. His model explains life as a virtual reality experience. Since Tom is a physicist by profession as well as an out of body traveller with over 30 years of experience in both worlds, he combines two seemingly contradictory viewpoints on reality : Science and spirituality. Tom's model can not only explain quantum physics and Einstein's theory of realitivity but a whole lot more which is summarized in his book and talks both of which are freely available (Link to one of Tom's lectures, link to Tom's book, additionally I had the opportunity to do several interviews with Tom, which are available at this link.).


01048xAnother aspect I spent much time investigating is September 11th 2001. After becoming aware of the work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth I spent hundreds of hours watching documentaries, reading books and going through internet sites. Since I am an engineer by profession aswell I found the presented evidence convincing and it lead me to two conclusions:

  1. There is enough evidence in form of videos, pictures and scientific research to conclude that many aspects of the official government story on 9/11 can not be true
  2. There is not enough evidence publically available to determine conclusively what really happened on that day

01060jThis was a very unsatisfactory finding because we all want to know "the truth" but there are so many people who claim to know "the truth about 9/11" and they all have different and contradictory theories claiming everybody who does not agree with their theory is a disinformation agent, who wants to obscure the truth. I decided it was time to put together an article with the most convincing evidence which at least shows that the official story can not be true. After reading it everybody should at least be willing to doubt the official story, if you are willing to draw any conclusions beyond that, is up to you.

With respect to conspiracy theories I have to admit that I bought into a few of them for a while because their were offering easy explainations for highly complex events and as long as you don't think too much about them, they are very comfortable to explain the world in black and white. Unfortunately in the end many aspects of most conspiracy theories do not add up. By this I'm not saying conspiracy theories are for loonies. Afterall we should not forget that our governments and the media have both come to the conclusion that 9/11 was a conspiracy of Arabic terrorists and such a "conspiracy fact" had to once start as a "conspiracy theory" which then everybody accepted as factual due to "evidence". But in my opinion non of those "the xxx group (add favourite straw man here) is secretly running the entire world from behind the scences" explainations hold up when you apply a reality check to them.

01026zThe funny aspect of this area of research is that most people within the "xxx group" really seem to think that they are pulling all the important strings except that there are hundreds of "xxx groups" globally and most of them do not know very much about each other, mainly because they consider most of the other groups as not really relevant. One of the patterns of reality I discovered many times during my quest for truth is that our reality construct allows everybody to feel a false sense of importance because it makes the experience more interesting. As long as we have not mastered our own thought processes as well as our emotions, we remain obsessed by thought patterns and concepts we have taken on from other people while reacting automatically to any externally triggered emotions. This leads us to playing roles in which the actors can be replaced while the script can be rewritten on short notice. Any false sense of importance will lead to life experiences which prove that sense of importance to be convincing fantasy.

So who is in control of the world then ? The following conclusions might appear a little "out there" but bear with me, this will take a while to explain : My conclusion is that his reality is a school house : We are here to make experiences which are based on a material reality of limitations. Due to our perceived disconnection from the world and each other some kind of structure is required that holds this seemingly chaotic pool of individuals in order. On the surface level this structure is represented by governments and other institutions like corporations. As the power shifted from despotic rulers in the not too distant past to democracy and "power to the people", we now need more intelligent structures to maintain stability. Structures which are so sophisticated that even most people who are part of the structure do not know their role from a big picture viewpoint. In order for this to work you need different stories which make sense on a local level so people can find meaning in the actions which are expected from them. This is required to hide the systemic contradictions at the top level of reality. Here are several examples of these contradictions or absurdities :

  1. Products that are of high quality and last a lifetime are bad for the economy, they have to break as soon as possible after the warrenty is over so the consumer has to buy a new product. Quality products are highly undesireable in a consumer economy. We even pay consumers to throw away perfectly fine products to stimulate the economy (cash for clunkers program)
  2. In the financial markets stability is not desirable because big money can only be made when the markets go up or down fast, not when they remain stable or grow slowly. Instability is desirable as long as the corresponding risks can be outsourced
  3. Mergers of large companies in order to maximize profits lead to even larger corporate groups, which then have to be bailed out during a crisis by tax payer money since they have become "too big to fail". Large corporations - particularly banks - who know that they will be bailed out anyway can take high risk investments to boost their profits. Small companies can not act this irresponsibly and go under as a result
  4. Government subsidized work has to be inefficient and useless so that it does not disturb the "real" job market. It is important to keep people busy so they have no time to really think about what they are doing.
  5. Our debt-based monetary systems requires a cyclic destruction and rebuilding of the infrastructure because of its inherent demand for continous growth. Thus when the infrastructure is pretty much "complete" it has to be destroyed which is the reason that makes wars necessary. The collapse of the monetary system due to too much debt is inherent to the system and the people's rage due to loosing all savings can be channeled correspondingly when suitable scapegoats can be pointed out 
  6. Our economy thrives on making people sick because sick people - contracy to health people - increase GDP by frequently going a doctor and buying expensive medication

These are just some big picture aspects any normal employee should never really conceive because people who believe they are doing something good and useful are happy and easy to handle. These kind of aspects need to be covered by stories upon stories upon stories (saving money, increasing efficiency, etc) which all look nice on each individual level so that each layer in the organization finds meaning and never looks beyond its box. That's why we need experts and no generalists, because experts are most of the time closed-minded and stay in their box while generalists have a high risk of seeing bigger pictures. The closing of people's minds has to happen early, it has to happen as early as possible because then it sticks :

01041qTeachers have a way more important task than educating children, they have the task to imprint them with a worldview that makes them a functioning aspect of society. Especially during the era of industrialization all that was needed were worker bees which did what they were told and did not think for themselves. Our educational system was tuned to produce these worker bees with closed minds and it has not really changed even when the requirements of the working world shifted and thinkers and inventors instead of braindead doers were needed.

So do teachers set out to create pupils with limited minds ? No ! So do doctors plan to keep their patients in a state of sickness in order to sell them drugs and boost GDP ? No ! So do engineers create flawed products that break quickly so their company can make more money ? No !

I could go on with examples but lets cut to the chase : Why are all these things happening then ? Are we really looking at conspiracies where everybody involved is clueless ? Who organized them in the first place ? Where is the mastermind, the evil conspirator who despises humanity ?

My conclusion about these conspiracies is that they are a byproduct of the reality construct that can exist because we remain ignorant to what is happening around us. It is not that information about these topics is not available but it is not presented to us on a golden plate. You have to look for it to find it and you have to want to know which unfortunately most people don't because if they knew they had to change and they don't want to change. A lot of the dark aspects of our reality remain in the dark because not enough people have the courage to shine light onto them and thus these structures keep growing until they reach a size that can not be overlooked anymore. We seem to be very close to this point, where looking the other way becomes impossible.

What exactly do I mean by the term "byproduct of the reality construct" ? As you might have seen there is quite a bit of information related to spiritual topics on my website and I believe that there is some truth to "we create our own reality" meme. I don't think we can manifest everything we want in our life but I think life presents us with experiences that allow us to grow and we have a certain influence on how these experiences manifest themselves in our life. These experiences are not necessarily always what we asked for but there always seems to be a point to them even if we don't get it immediately. In order to understand the underlying reasoning for our experiences we have to be willing to take responsibility and we have to stop immediately looking for others to blame. The worldview portrayed by politics and mass media requires to regularly identify scapegoats for problems which in fact are inherent to the system. By making scapegoats responsible and presenting them on television the population has a screen to project their anger upon and thus gets distracted from the flaws within the system itself. Any "real" solution would require to take responsibility and to be willing to accept that at least part of the problem is rooted in their own behaviour. This is uncomfortable so blaming others is prefered by the majority thus the system will never be put into question. Currently the majority of the population will refuse the assumption about reality itself being intelligent, purposeful and reflecting back to us who we really are on a deeper level but maybe this attitude will change in the future.

00225wFrom personal experience I can inject in this regard that I doubted this myself for a long time since I was raised in a materialistic mindset but after experiencing how "changing on a being level" or in other terms "permanently changing my attitudes and thinking" miraculously changed how other people behaved towards myself I had to admit something strange was going on in my life. Becoming aware of these hidden features of reality made me more sensible and in this regard I want to particularly refer to the lectures of Ivan Stein, which I also summarized in an article in the Knowledge Base.

00164mPeople who do not have the sensibility to see the nudges of universe providing us with opportunities to grow obviously require more visible lessons, lessons which can not be ignored. From psychology we know that we suppress aspects of our own personality that we do not like to the unconscious. These aspects are our shadow and without knowing it, we project this shadow onto the world. We are very good as seeing negative aspects in other people which we do not like about ourselves but we do not realize this because we suppressed them so thoroughly. Reality mirrors us these aspects and brings us in contact with people who are particularly suitable to project upon so we can realize aspects within ourselves that want healing. I elaborated on this more deeply in an article on "Is our reality a collective dream ?".

I see conspiracies as an outgrowth of our collective shadow. When many shadows are very similar they can merge and provide us with an even more visible projection screen. So how are conspiracies created by the reality construct ? By universe moving people who have a desire to experience power over others into situations where they can temporarily experience what they desire. Large parts of the population have been raised in a mindset of disempowerment and this mindset provides the fuel to create experiences that affirm this mindset. As long as so many people give away their power by not taking responsibility for their life, someone else will take this power and use it. This act in itself is not unethical but it becomes problematic when the people who attained positions of power use them to push down on people which want to free themselves of their disempowerment.

01023wFreeing yourself from disempowerment requires a change in consciousness and self-perception it requires a change in your worldview. I wrote an article about "the power of your worldview" in which I show that changing our view of the world has profound implications on our life experience. On the level of reality I refered to in the last paragraph this has implications for the power structure because if enough people reclaim responsibility for their life experience the existing power structure can not be sustained and will disintegrate. In my article on "denial mechanisms and politics" I point out how "the system" tries to push back psychologically by making use of the high level of dependency of the population on the system. You don't bite the hand that feeds you but if you want change, you have to look at the mechanisms that keep you locked into a consciousness of disempowerment and simply by the act of conscious observation the dismantling of these mechanisms begins. It is not about "fighting the system" it is about recognizing the system for what it is and allowing it to fall apart after being exposed. This way new and better solutions become possible.

Looking at reality from this vantage point might not be convenient because I claim that we collectively created this experience and that conspiracies are not simply created by evil men in dark suits but that they are only carried out by them. The energetic basis for this to happen was provided by our state of consciousness and thus we are responsible for it even though we never intended these negative outgrowths to occur. On the other hand I also claim that we can change and expose the hidden structure beneath mainstream reality by working on our state of consciousness because if we take back the power to create our own reality these structure will be exposed as a result.

01040pIn my article "Brain, consciousness and our sun" I point out scientific research which points towards a causal relationship between changes in sun activity and a raising of human consciousness. If this research turns out to be true, the sun might provide us with some cosmic acupuncture in the next years that will elevate our consciousness to a new level of perception. In order for this process to be successful we need a better understanding of what might be happening to us and what the symptoms of these inner changes might be. If we recognize these symptoms when we experience them, we dont have to become fearful and think we are going crazy but can embrace the process since we have a vision what the process could lead us to.

What exactly could that vision be ? Since we have such a vast amount of contradictory belief systems and worldviews on our planet as well as seemingly unresolvable conflicts the only satisfactory solution can be on a transcendental level. If we recognize the environment we live in as a virtual reality school house that stimulates human evolution by providing us with meaningful experiences then we can step back and question if having a real go at each other just because we live in the "end times" is a good approach. From my understanding of how reality works it will be possible to migrate into a less restricted learning environment by transcending the limiting beliefs stored in human mass consciousness. In order to loosen up these beliefs the belief systems of all of humanity have to be put into questions so they can be reshaped. Our world becoming increasingly destabilized can on one hand be seen as a result of eroding belief systems while the experience of the world falling apart can vice versa cause people to put their own belief system into question because it can not explain global events as well as their daily life experience anymore.

01029cThe thrilling aspect of this entire process is, how the diverging trends will be consolidated into a new framework that is acceptable to everybody involved. Any solution on our current level of reality will remain a crutch because our reality is based on a consciousness of lack and disempowerment. The negativity caused by this will require either an undesirable balancing event so we can remain in this state of consciousness or it will require transcendence and the creation of a new framework of reality that allows for a different sort of experience. With all our computer technology, our social networks, with transcendental memes pushed by Hollywood movies, with new approaches in science involving free energy we have a great opportunity : All necessary puzzle pieces to reassimilate our world in a more humane way are at our finger tips. So why don't we choose to give it a try and let go of a paradigm that is causing great harm for most of humanity ? Mainly because of habit, because of fear of the unknown and because of our own ignorance. The changes in the world we experience will push us outside of our habitual comfort zone, these changes will confront us with the unknown and they will show us our own ignorance in the mirror of global events. We are living though a learning experience of reality transformation and if we understood this properly, we would embrace it instead of remaining in a state of resistance to change.


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00185iStephen Wiltshire is a British artist with the nickname "The Living Camera" because he can draw the skyline of entire cities like Tokyo or Rome from memory at a staggering level of detail after only having looked at it for several minutes from a helicopter.

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What about money?

00398rBernard Lietaer is a former Central Banker, fond manager and university professor with more than 30 years of experience in the monetary system. In this interview he speaks in plain English about money, the Euro, the US Dollar and their future.

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Churnalism & Flat Earth News

00390jNick Davies worked as an investigative journalist for over 35 years. In this lecture he shares his insights on how the world of the press really works. He dismantles the golden rule of "objective reporting" and points out conflicts of interests which increasingly hinder truthful reporting.  

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Money & the Turning of the Age

00108iIn this lecture author Charles Eisenstein talks about how money changed the relationship between humanity and the world. He shares his vision of a society, which rediscovered its relationship to nature and where appreciation is expressed in other ways than just money.

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Corporatocracy and global empire

00100a 120John Perkins worked as Chief Economist at a major consulting firm. Over the years he became more and more aware of the massive amout of corruption the US empire is based upon but played along for a while. Finally he left his job and spoke out. A highly recommended interview !

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9/11 - Investigation of a Swiss historian

00104eDr. Daniele Ganser is a Swiss historian who teaches at Basel University. In this English lecture he presents a Swiss historian's view on the evidence on 9/11. A highly recommended overview of subjects and evidence usually not covered by the mass media.

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Crash course

00106gChris Martenson's "Crash course" from 2009 explains the inbuilt problems of the global economy, the financial system and society as a whole in easily understandable terms. Chris advocates to use common sense and prepare for what is coming.

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The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is a 20 minute documentary that takes a critical look at Western consumer culture and the hidden costs in the process of producing cheap goods.

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Problema - 100 deep questions

In September 2006 over 100 great thinkers gathered for a round table discussion in Berlin. During this 9-hour day all participant were asked 100 deep questions and their responses were filmed simultaneously.

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Seeking Truth

In this series of lectures Mark Passio gives an excellent insight into his quest for truth. Mark covers a wide range of topics, he is an eloquent presenter and his lectures are clearly laid out. Highly recommended viewing !

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Propaganda in a democracy

02058hThe documentary Psywar takes a close look at how propaganda and public relations have grown into a most powerful tool in shaping western democracies. Perception management replaced balanced reporting of events in the news and you should understand how you are being manipulated.

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9/11 - Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out

The group "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" created a documentary in which they interview 53 experts about the scientific facts regarding 9/11. The result is a compelling collection of evidence why the official government story can not be true.

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Architects on 9/11

00160iRichard Gage worked for over 20 years as an architect and constructed several high-rise buildings. In this lecture he informs about research he conducted on 9/11 together with 1900 other architects. They discovered severe inconsistencies in the official story.

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