What is Matrixwissen all about ?

This website has two main intentions :


The first intention is to present you with interesting information about the objective external reality that you have spent all your life in and which appears to be existing independant from yourself. This part of the website will focus on various aspects covering science, economy, politics, history and various other topics and will highlight information you might have been missing sofar but which might still be of importance to you.




The second intention is to make you aware that there is a perceptional filter located between yourself and the external world. This filter determines which information from the external world you consider to be of importance and value for your life. This part of the website will try to educate you on your abilities to alter this perceptional filter in order to bring it in alignment with the goals you want to achieve in life.



The creator of this website has no intention to make money from this website, so the website is completely free of advertisements. He is not part of any religious or political group. This website is his way to express his worldview and opinion as well pointing out topics he considers relevant. It is up to you, what you do with the information presented here 01075y