Neil Kramer & Thomas Campbell : 2nd Matrixwissen-Interview (english) [03/2012]

For my second Matrixwissen Interview I had not only one but two guests :

00133hNeil Kramer is a philosopher, a mystic and a life-long truth seeker which made him look into a large variety of subjects concerning the mystery of life. He was set on this path at an early age through several paranormal experiences which made him question whether there isnt more to reality compared to what most people believe it to be. After a convincing demonstration of how reality can be tweaked which Neil witnessed during his teenage years he was hooked on figuring out what's really going on. He shares his insights through lectures, interviews, personal consultations and recently released first book called "The Unfoldment".

Neil's website :

An excellent lecture by Neil from the ARC Conference 2010 is available here.


00136kThomas Campbell is a physicist who got interested into researching and exploring human consciousness. In the early seventies Tom came into contact with Bob Monroe, a TV and radio show producer interested in out of body experiences. Bob taught Tom how his consciousness can deliberately leave his body and Tom started to map out the realms he found himself in with the scientific mindset he was trained to use as a physicist. Over the last 30 year Tom developed his My Big Toe theory - a model of reality that unites physics and metaphysics and can explain the normal as well as the paranormal. Besides writing his "My Big TOE" triology Tom gives lectures and workshops to share his insights.

Tom's website :

An introductary lecture to Tom's theory is available here.

During this interview I'm asking Tom and Neil a couple of questions and then let them converse with each other on a variety of subjects.


Here is a brief topic list with time stamps :

0:00:00 Introduction to Neil Kramer and Thomas Campbell
0:01:50 Neil: Physical laws & constants of nature - How rigid or fluid are they ?
0:08:27 Tom: Physical laws & constants of nature - How rigid or fluid are they ?
0:16:07 Tom: Restrictions of the brain & reality - Dutch fakir Mirin Dajo
0:29:10 Neil: Restrictions of the brain & reality - Dutch fakir Mirin Dajo
0:39:32 Neil: Performing real magic - Neil's experience as a teenager
0:51:40 Tom: Tom's thoughts on Neil's experience and the psi uncertainty principle
1:00:04 Neil: Magic is just manipulation of information, physical reality is not primal
1:04:19 Tom&Neil: Crop circles, paranormal phenomena, obsession with disclosure, truth and humor
1:12:33 Tom&Neil: Big picture viewpoint, it's not about "changing the world", the spiritual path
1:26:00 Neil: Divergent trends in the world, is a left-brain consensus of worldviews required ?
1:37:35 Tom: A balanced left & right brain, science as religion, integrating logic and mysticism
1:44:22 Neil: Germany being very left-brained, escapism, polarization, many pathways towards truth
1:52:58 Wrap-up of interview, contact information for Tom and Neil
1:58:05 End of interview 

Download MP3 : 2012-03-07_Matrixwissen.de_N-Kramer-T-Campbell.mp3 (Use right mouse button then select "Save as" in order to download the MP3 file)


(The video of Dutch fakir Mirin Dajo which we briefly talk about in the interview is available at this link. The crop circle documentary Tom is refering to is available at this link. The video from Stanford Research Institute with Russell Targ and Hal Putoff which Tom mentions is available at this link.)