Dr. Pim van Lommel : The science of near-death experiences (english) [10/2010]

00102cDr. Pim van Lommel is a Dutch cardiologist and scientist. He studied medicine at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, specializing in cardiology and consequently worked as a cardiologist at Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem from 1977 to 2003.

During his work he was confronted by patients with reports of near-death experiences particularly during times where they were clinically dead but could still describe afterwards what had happen around them at that time. This intrigued Dr. van Lommel and he began to do scientific research on the phenomenon which lead to his by now famous publication "Near-death experience in survivors of cardiac arrest: a prospective study in the Netherlands" published in the Lancet in 2001. In 2003 at the age of 60 Dr. van Lommel retired and since then does intense research on near-death experiences.


Dr. van Lommel's website : http://www.pimvanlommel.nl/?home_eng

Time stamps for part 1 of this interview :

0:00:55 How did you as a doctor go beyond a purely materialistic paradigm ?
0:02:20 Consciousness as a product of the brain is only an assumption (recommended)
0:04:55 What exactly is a near-death experience (NDE) ?
0:05:35 What are the major rejections why NDEs can not be real ?
0:06:45 Is there no free will ? Can consciousness control the brain ?
0:08:10 Why is the prospective approach to NDEs so significant ?
0:10:25 Does consciousness have a biological basis ? (highly recommended)
0:17:10 The word "spiritual" is taboo in science, world view transformation
0:19:00 What did your research results do to you personally ?
0:20:15 How does an NDE transform a formerly ego-centric person ?
0:21:50 How can the brain store so many memories ? (highly recommended)
0:23:25 How can a blind person see during an NDE ? (highly recommended)
0:25:45 What does the term "non locality" stand for ? (recommended)

Time stamps for part 2 of this interview :

0:00:55 What does the term "non locality" stand for ? (same as in part 1)
0:01:55 Why are NDEs "more real" that real life ? (recommended)
0:03:20 How could a new paradigm look like ? Objective versus subjective experience
0:04:55 Cardiac arrest patients without NDE change less
0:05:35 How do you feel about your findings ? Lancet study 2001
0:06:20 What needs to be done to change the materalistic paradigm (recommended)
0:07:50 The stigma of NDE, reluctance and fear
0:09:00 The movie "Hereafter", public acceptance of afterlife
0:10:55 How can we reconcile non-local consciousness with evolution ?
0:12:35 Upward causation versus downward causation, a radical "new" view
0:14:20 How was the ancient knowledge on consciousness lost ?
0:14:55 The Western world view through psychiatry labels NDE reporters as insane
0:16:25 Willful ignorance
0:17:10 Materialistic methods to prove NDEs, we have to change physics
0:18:25 How would a new paradigm of non-locality change the world ? (recommended)

This interview was conducted by Mel Van Dusen for KMVT, a community television station in Mountain View, California.


Additional information :

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