Dr. Jim Tucker : Children's memories of previous lives (english) [06/2007]

00101bDr. Jim Tucker is a psychiatrist working at the University of Virginia's Division of Perceptual Studies. He is the successor of Dr. Ian Stevenson who started the research into past-life memories of children several decades ago. Due to a generous donation to the University of Virginia by a wealthy donor, the university had the funds to investigate this fringe but fascinating subject.

In this interview Jim describes the division's ongoing efforts to investigate the phenomenon of spontaneous past-life memories in children. These memories - including specific details about past lifes which could be verified - are simply unexplainable. In one of the best cases a child remembered 25 names of people he remembered from his past life along with how they related to him.

These children often show birth marks which precisely match enterence and exit wounds that caused the death of the person whose life they remember, 35% of these children show a strong phobia related to the cause of death (e.g. fear of water when the person drowned)

The database of Jim's research currently has 1400 cases in it, he has a total of 2500 cases but they have not all been entered into the database yet for statistical evalutation due to lack of time.

In the Resource section the documantary "In Another Life - Reincarnation in America" is available. It presents the experiences of parents as well as several adults living in America who have memories of past lives themselves.The documentary as well as this interview were both produced by Steven Sakellarios. Stephen also participated in the invention of the "Cosmic Karma Game" a strategy board game by Linda Look on karma and destiny.

Further information :

In a recent interview from December 2010 Jim Tucker shares a new case he has worked on : A 4 year old boy remembered a past life as an actor in Hollywood, he then became an agent for actors and travelled around the world on a big ship. The boy mentioned a lot of other details but unfortunately the name of the person was not recalled. Research on movies which were produced in the relevant time period (1930) lead to a book in which the boy found a foto where he identified himself. Unfortunetely the person in the photo turned out to be just an extra which made the identification quite difficult but finally the person was identified and a lot of the details the boy mentioned were confirmed by relatives. This section of the interview begins at 8:50 :


Download : http://d3uiy70t9jk1bx.cloudfront.net/library/audio/ess12__tucker_j__life_before_life__01.mp3


Worth watching:

The interesting case of 3 year old James Leininger remembering his past life as a WW2 fighter pilot who was shot down and died was covered in a documentary film. The boy recalled amazing details about the plane, the name of the aircraft carrier he was stationed on and even names of other pilots. His father - a total disbeliever in reincarnation - began to research what his son was talking about :

Update : By now James is a teenager and he was interviewed for a recently released documentary. After a trip to Japan to the location where he was shot down and died in his last life, James has calmed down and his nightmares are gone. James is a wise and happy teenager. The mentioned documentary is available in the Resource section.


00399sCarol Bowman ( http://www.childpastlives.org ) is a past life therapist and researcher. After her own children began to spontaneously tell her about their previous lives, Carol began to investigate the phenomenon. Over the years she has helped many parents who have also been confronted by their children with these strange memories. In this lecture - conducted in Valencia , Spain - Carol shares her own experiences with her son as well as several of the most interesting cases of children remembering past lives.

(The introduction of this video is in Spanish but the lecture itself is in English and starts at 2:40. Carol's experiences with her own son start at 8:35 and are really worth watching)