Michael Talbot : The Holographic Universe (english) [1991]


Michael Talbot was an american author of several books dealing with parallels between mysticism and quantum physics. In his books he tries to explain inexplicable paranormal phenomena through the approach of humanity living in a holographic universe.

Physicists like David Bohm or neurophysiologist Karl Bribram independantly came up with holographic theories / models of the universe. Michael takes their scientific approach and uses it to explain a large spectrum of paranormal phenomena.

Michael Talbot died 1992 at the age of 38 from leukemia. This interview was recorded 6 months before his death. Only the first 30 minutes of the interview are available for free, the complete interview lasts 90 minutes and is available on DVD


Time stamps for this interview :

00:30 Introduction to Michael Talbot & the model of the holographic universe
02:25 Unusual properties of holographic images
03:50 2 different levels of reality, artificial notion of separation
06:00 Entanglement of subatomic particles, the aquarium metaphor, telepathy
09:10 Storing memories in the brain, thinking through holograms in the brain
11:50 Fourier transform mathematics in the brain
12:50 Michael's out of body experience
14:10 Quantum wave potential, lure of completeness
16:50 Uncertainty principle
19:00 Power of the mind, placebo effect, our mental model of reality
22:45 Science lacks models to explain consciousness,  
24:10 Michael's paranormal experiences, near-death experiences and OBEs

Additional information :

In April 1991 Michael Toms talked with Michael Talbot about his book "The Holographic Universe". In this interview he shares several more of his own unusual experiences as well as examples of unusual examples from his book. Another really interesting interview ! (The interview starts at 3:00)

Sorry but this additional interview is no longer available for free. The only location I found it in, is on the stations website where this interview was recorded in 1991 but it costs 2 Dollars to download it. I think it is worth it, as long as you want to hear more from Michael: