Thomas Campbell - 4th Matrixwissen-Interview (english) [09/2013]


Thomas Campbell is a physicist as well as a researcher of consciousness and the nature of reality at large. During the last 35 years Tom developed his personal "Big Theory of Everything" which brings together physics with metaphysics in a holistic model of reality.

This is the fourth Matrixwissen-Interview. It was recorded on September 13th 2013 during the One World Family Days in Stuttgart / Germany. Contrary to my first three interviews with Tom this interviews was recorded on Video since Tom was in Germany.

People who have not listened to other material from Tom, can still listen to this without getting lost but certain terms Tom uses will be better understood if you first take a look at one of his introductary lectures. So the interview should be particularly interesting for people who are already familiar with Tom's MBT-theory and want to hear Tom talk about different topics than usual.

For people who do not know anything about Tom and his MBT theory yet, it might be a good idea to check out a collection of his answers I compiled. This list includes a video on "Who is Thomas Campbell ?" which gives you a 13-minute introduction to who he is.

Tom's website is :

Tom's Youtube channel :


Time stamps for this interview :

0:01:00 Contradictory intentions due to social conventions, little versus big picture view
0:13:05 Disharmony as an artificial stimulator for the evolutionary process?
0:23:40 Connection between cancer and collective self-destructive behavior in our culture
0:35:15 Social conventions, Tom's usage / understanding of the term architypes
0:44:50 Aging in western societies, the architype of the eternal youth
0:50:30 The consciousness computer, interactions between reality frameworks
1:01:30 Energy parasites - What kind of role do they play in our reality?
1:10:30 The metaphysical role of our eyes
1:17:30 The transition from the out of body state to waking consciousness
1:27:05 Output format for database queries - Tom's mental head-up display
1:46:00 End of interview


Download MP3 : 2013-09-13_Matrixwissen.de_Tom-Campbell.mp3 (Use right mouse button then select "Save as" in order to download the MP3 file)