FIRESIDE CHAT - December 2014



Physicist and author Tom Campbell meets once a month with members from his forum in a BigBlueButton video conference to answer various questions.

This session was recorded on December 7, 2014.



Part 1:

  • 00:15 Mathematics & a unified theory of everything, reality as data
  • 17:20 All physical realities are connected to non-physical realities
  • 27:40 Differences between various physical realities, contraints to reality
  • 35:00 Liberating aspects of the double slit experiment, creating new constraints
  • 49:20 Is space real? Space is computed and perceptual
  • 57:30 Do our senses constrain us to this physical reality?


Part 2:

  • 00:15 Structure of individual units of consciousness, virtual realities
  • 10:10 Productive power structures in the non-physical
  • 24:50 Productive power structures in the physical
  • 32:00 Cultural and social instabilities & their impacts on consciousness
  • 39:05 Similarities to structural instabilities in other realities
  • 45:05 Kundalini, Chakras and Chi: Only metaphors? How to deal with them?


Part 3:

  • 00:15 Tom's workshops in 2015
  • 04:05 Stories about the early days with Bob Monroe
  • 30:35 Tom's experience with the Lucia 3 Light Machine, theta state of consciousness

If you have questions for Tom, it is possible to post them in a thread in Tom's Forum. Several of these collected questions will be answered by Tom in future video conferences:

Link to the questions thread in Tom's forum

Further information on Thomas Campbell is available in the Resource section. There you can watch an introductary lecture by Thomas from 2010 in which he presents his model of reality. In the Resource section you can also find his book "My Big Toe" which he provides for free on Google-books.