Dr. Dean Radin: Experiments on Mind-Matter interaction (english) [10/2014]

00224vDr. Dean Radin is an electrical engineer who also holds a Ph.D. in psychology. For the last 20 years Dean conducted scientific research on the interaction between mind and matter. His results were published several times in mainstream physics journals as well as psychology journals.

In this lecture from October 2014 he presents a variety of experiments and research results particularly on experiments where people were asked to use their mind to influence physical systems. Besides these lab experiments Dean also conducted experiments over the internet where 5000 people were asked to influence equipment in Dean's lab in California.

Dean Radin's website : http://www.deanradin.com

Dean Radin's blog : http://deanradin.blogspot.com

Time stamps for this lecture:

00:45 3 view points: Mystery in Physics, Interpretation and Experiments
01:40 The Quantum Measurement Problem and the observer effect
05:30 Experiments - Collaps of the wave function due to the observer effect
10:25 Experiments - Mental influence on a double slit system
13:00 Experiments - Time delay of our mind, comparing modell and measurement
15:25 Experiments - Internet experiment with 5000 people -> distance does not matter
20:05 Experiments - Single photon experiments while measuring EEG
24:05 Experiments - Burning Man 2013 - Experiments with 6 random number generators
25:05 Experiments - Burning Man 2014 - Quantum noice generators
26:50 Lessons learned, acknowledgments and Dean's book recommendations


The next SAND conference is scheduled for May 2015 in Italy: http://www.scienceandnonduality.com/exploring-the-nature-of-consciousness-italy/

Additional information :

An interview by Dean Radin on his PSI research can be found in the Resource section. The linked article contains more links to other very interesting lectures by and interviews with Dean.