Physicist and author Tom Campbell meets once a month with members from his forum in a BigBlueButton video conference to answer various questions.

This session was recorded on May 1, 2016.




Part 1:

  • 00:45 Comments on Dr. Donald Hoffman article "Evolutionary argument against reality
  • 04:50 Clarifying the connection between observer & reality at the time of the big bang
  • 13:25 Is humanity going into a computer-trans-human singularity matrix?
  • 16:20 Binary nature of reality - Individual choices being constrained by society
  • 23:10 The effects of home virtual reality systems (headsets) on consciousness evolution
  • 37:50 The comic book "The universe is virtual" dealing with Tom's theory
  • 41:00 Is the many worlds theory getting shot down by procedural programming?
  • 48:05 Reality rendering engine - How is reality rendered to our consciousness?


Part 2

  • 00:15 Understanding different approaches towards probabilities
  • 09:10 Isnt it inefficient to wait billions of years from the big bang until humans appear?
  • 17:15 Clarifying the terms body, spirit, mind and soul in MBT terminology
  • 26:40 Tom's insights into the feeling of boredom
  • 33:15 Loosing the ability to shift realities when becoming an older child
  • 43:10 Clarifying how "being level" and "virtual reality" work together


Part 3

  • 00:15 Holding attention and remembering experiences when entering other realities
  • 06:15 Access to mentor figures within your own mind - How does it work?
  • 09:00 How to understand an energetic answer to the question "Who am I"
  • 14:45 Origins of "additional baggage" for people who seem spiritually well-developed
  • 26:00 How long will Tom still be around in this incarnation and will he be back?
  • 28:25 PSI experiments - What are the best ways to influence probabilities?
  • 31:20 Good parenting - Influences on the childs personality (family versus peers)
  • 41:25 Continuation of clarifying how "being level" and "virtual reality" work together


If you have questions for Tom, it is possible to post them in a thread in Tom's Forum. Several of these collected questions will be answered by Tom in future video conferences:

Link to the questions thread in Tom's forum

Further information on Thomas Campbell is available in the Resource section. There you can watch an introductary lecture by Thomas from 2010 in which he presents his model of reality. In the Resource section you can also find his book "My Big Toe" which he provides for free on Google-books.