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Why donate?

The Fireside Chats are hosted on a dedicated video conference server which also does the recording. We also use the system to collect and sort questions in a non-public forum to prepare the session. Additionally Tom has access to the system to do other online interviews, some of which you find on his Youtube channel. The donations are used to cover the costs for renting this server. The server also hosts Tom's German website (which is also available in English) and it hosts the Fireside Chat Podcast server, which enables everybody to download the Fireside Chat audio files and listen to them while being offline. The donations are also used to facilitate daily automated backups of Tom's own website, Tom's forum and the Tom's wiki - so that even in case Tom's own server (which hosts these three sites) should experience a failure, we will always have everything we need to restore it.

Shortly after the release of each Fireside Chat I add them to my own Fireside Chat collection page where you also find time stamps I created for each discussed topic:


How to donate?

The easiest way to donate is by using Paypal, since I also have to use Paypal to pay for the server fees. Click this link to select how much you want to donate:

  • Paypal allows you to either pay with credit card or from your bank account

  • There is a problem when using Internet Explorer with the Paypal link. Please choose any other upto date browser to make a donation.


If you do not want to use Paypal and are from Europe you can email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can tell you a bank account where you could transfer your donation to.

Making bank transfers from other countries to Europe is very expensive and does not make sense for a small donation so I am still looking for alternative ways and I will add them once I found something feasible.


Thanks for supporting the Fireside Chats

Oliver Weis

Fireside Chat donations chronicle:

  • 2016 : 28 donations
  • 2017 : 22 donations
    • 10 out of the 22 donations received during 2017 came from one individual alone and it would be appreciated if a few more people chipped in with the incoming bills to have a more equal distribution. Thank you.
  • 2018 : 20 donations
  • 2019 : 25 donations
  • 2020 : No donations
    • It might take a few days until the current amount of donations includes your donation as I don't update it daily.