FIRESIDE CHAT - August 2018



Physicist and author Tom Campbell meets once a month with members from his forum in a BigBlueButton video conference to answer various questions.

This session was recorded on August 5th, 2018.




Part 1:

  • 00:45 How do synchronicities work?
  • 08:45 Why does the LCS care to create these synchronicities for me?
  • 12:20 Can lucid dreaming be positive or negative for experiencing OBE?
  • 14:05 Information theft through modern technology - Do we have to worry?
  • 23:20 Have we made a conscious decision to participate/incarnate into this reality?
  • 26:05 Can a learning lab like our PMR exhaust its possibities for growth? Will we then move to a different PMR or NMPR?
  • 30:55 Is consciousness actually information / a data structure? What is the source of consciousness?
  • 38:00 Is consciousness an information system?
  • 39:45 Is the LCS more than a collection of individuated units of consciousness? Is there an executive director?


Part 2:

  • 0:01:20 Eliminating limiting beliefs, which part of limiting beliefs are mine which part are those of other peoples and how do both aspect affect the reality I experience?
  • 0:11:30 Are all beliefs limiting? Will limiting beliefs attract certain experiences
  • 0:19:20 Meeting people from lucid dreams in real life - Trying to make sense of remote healing experience
  • 0:36:05 The evolution of resolution - How did our perception e.g. of colours change during evolution
  • 0:43:45 Tough life experiences - How to make sense of extreme challenges?
  • 0:54:10 Experience extreme fear for short periods of time, processing through fear quickly, but why is it such a disruptive experience
  • 1:03:30 Tom's view on modern dental care - Fluoride and the relevance of a healthy diet



Part 3:

  • 00:15 Non-player characters (NPCs) - How can we recognize them? Are there many NPCs walking among us?
  • 05:50 Tom's experiences of parallel processing
  • 15:00 What is intelligence and talent? Is there a way to reprogramm our brain by intent to become more intelligent
  • 24:55 Electronic voice phenomena - Are these voice from deceased loved ones?
  • 36:40 Is it possible to bring back objects back from other reality frames to our reality?
  • 40:05 Making the right choices - between ego and being level
  • 45:00 The meaning of research - creating new understanding


If you have questions for Tom, it is possible to post them in a thread in Tom's Forum. Several of these collected questions will be answered by Tom in future video conferences:

Link to the questions thread in Tom's forum

Further information on Thomas Campbell is available in the Resource section. There you can watch an introductary lecture by Thomas from 2010 in which he presents his model of reality. In the Resource section you can also find his book "My Big Toe" which he provides for free on Google-books.