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Mind, Brain and Consciousness

A group of renowned physicians and neuroscientist gathered at the United Nations in New York to present and discuss their latest insights on the relationship between mind, brain, and consciousness. The presented findings are revolutionary and point towards the emergence of a new paradigm in science.

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Holographic Universe

00156eAuthor Michael Talbot was interested in parallels between mysticism and physics and wrote several books in this field. Over the last decades scientists developed a holographic model of reality which can explain several inexplicable phenomena. Michael presents this model and also shares personal experiences which formed his worldview in this respect and inspired him to write a best-selling book on the topic.

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Scientific research on near-death experiences

00102cDr. Pim van Lommel is a Dutch cardiologist who started doing scientific research on near-death experiences after several of his cardiact arrest patients reported having witnessed events while their brain was clinically dead. In 2001 he published a by now famous Lancet study on the subject. In this interview he talks about his research and insights

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The Science Delusion

00325tBiochemist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake researched several delusions of science, particularly the assumptions on which modern science is based. In this lecture he traces back the history of several scientific dogmas and he shares his most inconvenient findings about them.

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Power of Subconscious Belief

00103dBruce Lipton was a professor for biology. During his research on genes, he made amazing discoveries. His key message : Your subconscious beliefs run your life. If these beliefs do not fit your life situation, you have the ability to change them.

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Nature of Reality

00136kThomas Campbell is a physicist who used to work for NASA. Over the last 30 years he developed a "Theory of Everything" that brings physics and metaphysics in one theory. In his lecture he presents a condensed summary of his theory.

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PSI Research

00224vDr. Dean Radin studied electrical engineering as well as psychology and has been researching PSI phenomena like telepathy and presentiments of future events for over 12 years. His experiments document that these phenomena are real but Dean's findings don't fit into the established scientific models.

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Gates of Awakening

00133hNeil Kramer identifies in this lecture different filters of conscious awareness, which conceil our perception of the external world. Additionally he provides some clues how to deconstruct these filters.

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Children's memories of previous lives

00101bDr. Jim Tucker is a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia. He has researched 2500 cases of children that have detailed memories about previous lives. In this interview Jim talks about his research into children who have provided names and other verifiable information from previous lives.

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Experiencing a stroke

00125zNeuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened - she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding - she studied and remembered every moment. In this lecture she shares her experience.

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Beware online filter bubbles

00118sIn this 9-minute lecture Eli Pariser elaborates on how filter algorithms are pre-selecting the information users are presented with on search engines like Google or websites like Facebook. This user-specific tailoring mechanism decides without our consent which information is of importance to us and puts us in a reality bubble that reconfirms our worldview.

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Crop Circles

This award-winning documentary explores the crop circle phenomenon from various angles. It presents scientific research results along with amazing videos and pictures of the most stunning formations. Various experts on crop circles are interviewed about their insights.

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The Day Before Disclosure

02063mThis documentary covers the UFO / ET presence on Earth. It presents evidence gathered over the last 60 years along with interviews of witnesses from military and government. A collection of highly unusual information which you might never hear about from mainstream news sources.

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Short summary:

This article provides a collection of videos and extensive information related to the psi phenomenon of "Seeing without eyes". It all started when several members of our German discussion group had their own kids trained in this skill, which lead to me visiting Evelyn, the German teacher who taught these kids. I was allowed to film, interview and test 5 children and created my own documentary about what happened on that day.

After releasing the documentary I got a lot of feedback but these two points stood out:

  • Several viewers claimed that it was all just a fraud and that the children were peeking. Basically they claimed that there was nothing mysterious at all about this phenomenon and it is a simple trick related to the used Mindfold masks.
  • Several other viewers were curious but still undecided, they wanted to know how it could be explained.

To approach both points I had a 1-hour long conversation with physicist and consciousness researcher Tom Campbell (Click that link to jump to this video which is embedded a bit further down in this article). In our talk we also showed the Mindfold mask I used for the experiments and Tom explained how the phenomenon might work according to his MBT theory. We also addressed about 10 different topics like the zoom effect the children described, seeing in completely dark rooms, blind people being able to see again with the same approach, 360-degree vision, children who have expanded their skills to be able to see through walls (similar to remote viewing) and the ethical dilemma of being able to peek into areas you are not supposed to peek in.


Scientific research

It was only after we had published this conversion, that I found out about scientific research conducted in 2015 on "seeing without eyes" by neurosurgeon, neurologist and oncologist Prof. Enrico Pierangeli as well as theoretical physicist Prof. Elio Conte - both from the University of Bari in Italy.

In their joint research they conducted two experiments:

  • They constructed their own light-proof mask which had light sensors within both eyeholes of the mask. They asked the test subject to read colored words from a computer screen while measuring the light within the mask. The result: While the light sensors showed that the eyes were in complete darkness, all test subjects (which were previously trained in this skill) were able to read randomly selected words and tell which color they were written in. This was very surprising to both scientist so they conducted a second experiment:


  • They modified the mask by building two infrared cameras into the mask so that they could monitor both eyes within the mask while the test subjects were asked to read random numbers off a computer screen (The video embedded below shows this procedure but in his interview Prof. Pierangeli described the idential approach as in the first experiment - so colored words - I can only assume they might have done both - numbers and colored words. Once I get written documentation on the experiments I will update this section). They also expanded the collected data and monitored the heart rate variability and used an electroencaphalogram to measure brain activity. The test subjects were again successful in reading the random numbers in this setup. They measured the EEG brain activity (particularly the alpha waves) under 3 conditions:


  • Condition 1: Relaxed state with eyes closed
    • The test subject showed alpha waves in the EEG, which is normal when being in a relaxed state.


  • Condition 2: Eyes open reading random numbers displayed on a computer screen
    • The alpha waves disappeared, which is also normal.


  • Condition 3: Reading random numbers on a computer screen while wearing the opaque mask with 2 build-in infrared cameras and light sensors
    • The test subjects again showed alpha waves identical to those in condition 1
    • It is highly unsual to have a person "see/read" and have alpha waves at the same time but in the case of "seeing without eyes" this was documented.


In an interview Prof. Pierangeli says that they have no explanation for the results they measured nor do they have any theory on how the test subjects get the information they get. He speculates that the answer might be in the area of quantum information but that is just his personal best guess.


Prof. Pierangeli was so intrigued by the results that he actually went to an adult training course for "seeing without eyes" himself. He was successful at learning the skill and also describes his own bewilderment of being able to see "through" the mask in an interview you find further down in this article. Basically most adults including Prof. Pierangeli experience the first visual impressions they see in the mask as an "illusion". Since their rational mind has no explanation on how it could see "through" the mask, it temporarily invents the nonfactual concept that they must be looking through a gap which - as Prof. Pierangeli has shown through the experiments - is not a fact but still is used as a justification of the mind to allow the experience.


Background information on both scientists:



Prof. Elio Conte is known for his contributions to the foundations of quantum mechanics and for his basic focusing on the application of quantum mechanics in neuroscience and psychology with particular reference to quantum cognition, quantum perception and consciousness. He has published more than 200 scientific papers and 10 books.

Link to his Google scholar page and his Research gate profile (As of writing this article I assume he is retired, since he is currently 72 years old)




Prof. Enrico Pierangeli specializes in neurology, neurosurgery and oncology. He has participated in thousands of neurosurgical interventions (brain, vertebral volum, peripheral nerves) of which about 4000 as a responsible operator. He has published approximately 200 scientific papers.

Link to his curriculum vitae (in Italian) and his Research Gate publications




Regarding the research of Prof. Pieragenli and Prof. Conte I embedded 2 videos further down in this article, one interview with Prof. Pierangeli where he basically describes everything I have summarized above about the experiments and his personal experiences and one video with Prof. Conte showing him describing the results including several scenes from the experiment itself. I have contacted Prof. Pierangeli and am currently in conversation with him. Unfortunately (for now) I can not share the content of our conversion but I will as soon as I get his approval to do so. Prof. Conte's statement on the experiments is that he has not given disposal of publication of his research since he is undecided how to interpret the results. His answer was formulated in a way that did not allow for further communication on this subject.

A little insert that might be somehow related ;-) I've been in touch with Dean Radin, PhD. Dean is the Chief Scientist of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), a Distinguished Professor at Cal. Institute of Integral Studies, the President of the Parapsychological Association and the Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Explore Journal. Here is a segment from our email exchange that I'm allowed to quote publically:


The taboo is a serious problem. It is acceptable for scientists to say they have studied something "paranormal," and then to report that there's nothing there. But if they do find something interesting, and they report it, they are well aware that their credibility will be questioned. And few scientists are willing to take that risk. So the taboo continues because only on rare occasions do we find positive evidence for paranormal topics in the scientific literature. It isn't because these phenomena are not real, but because they are suppressed for socio-political reasons.



My two documentary videos on the subject:

My first documentary (the audio is in German - since all of the kids only speak German - but I have added English subtitles to the video which can be turned on by clicking on the subtitles button)


My second documentary showing Luan reading random numbers created on with his eyes taped shut with eye plasters below the Mindfold mask (again the audio is in German - since all of the kids only speak German - but I have added English subtitles to the video which can be turned on by clicking on the subtitles button):


Psi Demystified conversation:

This is my "Psi Demystified" conversation with physicist and consciousness researcher Thomas Campbell. He provides a meta-physical explanation of the phenomenon in this video, if you don't like that approach, don't watch the video.


Scientific research by Prof. Pierangeli and Prof. Conte:

A 11 minute interview with neurosurgeon, neurologist and oncologist Prof. Enrico Pierangeli. Just to clarify the terminology: "Infovision" is a method invented my Mark Komissarov. Prof. Pierangeli uses this term when refers to "seeing without eyes":


A 5-minute documentation of the experiments narrated by theoretical physicist Prof. Elio Conte (this video is in Italian but with English subtitles):

Additional material on particular subjects:

360 degree vision / seeing behind your head:

While there are several videos on Youtube which show children and even adults doing a demonstration of 360 degree vision, I have not found a single one that is so convincing that I would say "look at this one and all doubt is gone". All of them have certain drawbacks:

  • Often the test subjects do not get the color right all of the time but in these cases you have to take statistics into consideration e.g. how many did they get right on first try and how many colors were used (what was the chance to guess correctly).
  • Often the paper is not fully behind the head but kind of sideways but still further back than any normal person would be able to see (107 degrees is the limit of the human visual field as identified by science).
  • Sometimes the person wears no mask at all - which I actually find kind of interesting and more useful in real life: If you ever plan apply this skill in daily life, you don't want to have to put on your Mindfold mask to see if someone is about to attack you from the back ;-) But from a skeptics viewpoint it opens up the chance for a mirror on the wall behind the camera and again a way to cheat.
  • Not all of the videos are in English or have English subtitles. Some are in Romanian, Italian or German but since it is only about colors, you can actually establish a link between each color and the foreign word for the color pretty quickly - Video 3 is still worth watching even if you speak no Romanian.


I want to make it clear that none of the videos I provide here fulfill my own criteria of being "proof". I still consider each one as a piece of data that when considered as a group is intriguing to say the least. There are more videos of the same content but I think these 5 are pretty good compared to other videos I've seen. If you find a video that is better than the videos presented here, leave a comment below the article and I will have a look and include the video if I think it is more valuable than the currently included videos:

Video 1

(I personally like the first video best but the approach of "similar colors still counting as the correct answer" is a bit questionable. From my understanding these errors are allowed in the initial training phase and the test subjects are encouraged to learn from their mistakes to become better at distinguishing similar colors in the future. It seems to be healthier for the mind to be encouraged by "you almost got it right" than getting too many wrong answers when trying to learn a new mental skill like this. But even if you group e.g. orange and red into one group and define them as equally valid, then using 3 groups of colors will still get a highly significant result based on the demonstration in this video. Additionally this guy is really good at getting right answers and I also find it interesting that he can still do it without the mask but once the mask comes off the option for cheating with a mirror is on the table)


Video 2

As mentioned in my initial comments on these videos: Not getting every answer correctly does not mean the documented performance is insignificant. If you have many test runs getting a few answer wrong can still lead to a statistically significant result. If you do some statistics on the following video, the chance for getting 15 right out of 25 tries (only counting first tries as correct and later corrections still as false and taking a 1/4 chance of guessing correctly into account since only 4 colors were used) is 5833 to 1 (please check this number if you're good in statistics and let me know if it is correct, my statistics knowledge is a bit rusty ;-) but in that particular video there are three cuts and at least before the third cut it appears he must have gotten the previous answer wrong as he is shaking his head when the scene starts. So it could be that scenes where he did unusually good were selected here and thus the video can also not be consider "proof" from a statistics viewpoint. On the other hand if the intention was to cheat, why even start the video with a false answer or after the 3rd cut the first given answer is wrong again. If I wanted to cheat, I would have cut scenes with wrong answers at the very beginning or after the third cut and started with a correct answer to make the video more impressive. Additionally it is worth noting that in most cases where his initial answer is wrong, his second answer is almost always right. For that second answer the guess rate is still at 1/3.


Video 3

(The human field of vision ends at about 107 degrees, so you can skip then first minutes of this video as they could be explained with regular vision. Since the second boy is continiously moving further behind the test subject, the interesting part starts at about 6:00 where the second boy is at an angle that is far beyond 107 degrees. Even if the test subjects looks completely to the left - like in the tumbnail picture - he still could not see the colored papers at such an angle)


Video 4

(This girl does not use a mask and the colored cards are being moved further and further back behind her head. So it starts to get interesting once angle is higher than 107 degrees, the beginning can again be explained as normal vision. This seems to be part of the initial training process and is not somebody who has been trained for a long time. Still not using a mask could also imply cheating with a mirror but in that case she should be looking always at the exact same location, unless you assume someone is moving the mirror around in the room...)


Video 5

(It is my impression this boy is just in his intital training phase, they probably should have allowed him to train at least a bit more before filming him and enabling skeptics to have a field day when viewing this one. Also you have to consider this is the same trainer as in Video 1 and the rule "similar colors like yellow and orange are not counted as mistakes" is applied again to help him with distinguishing these colors better in the future.)


Interview with Infovision inventor Mark Komissarov

The following video is an interview with Infovision inventor Mark Komissarov. Infovision is the method after which Evelyn and many other trainers teach people in their courses to see without their eyes.

The second person in this interview is Mihaela Istrati, she is co-author of the Infovision method and also works as a trainer. Mihaela has also applied the Infovision method in a therapeutic sense. Several of the video above on 360-degree vision are from her and her students. She also conducted the interview with Prof. Enrico Pierangeli.

Link to Mark Komissarov's English website:


German documentary from Austrian television

(Unfortunately this video has no English subtitles and without understanding German, watching this video might be pointless. You could use the auto subtitle creation and auto subtitle translation feature Youtube provides but I found the result of this automated translation very confusing...)

Other sources from the internet:

  • I usually like the skeptical approach taken by the website. They do podcasts on various topics and in many cases their work is contributing to a better understanding of certain phenomena. In my own development of expanding my world view I learned quite a bit through this website. But their episode on "seeing without eyes" was a real disappointment. There was no attempt whatsoever to seriously research the subject. Most of this episode focuses on one particular individual who teaches the skill and they claim that he is a fraud. From what they report, that might even be true but it is not rational to deduct from identifying one individual teacher as a fraud that the entire topic must be fraud as well. Unfortunately that is the logic of this episode and I mainly link to it because I was pointed to this episode by several viewers. Maybe reviewing this episode makes skeptics a bit more skepical about the approach taken by in the future. I think it would have been fair to least report on the only available scientific research into the subject by Prof. Enrico Pierangeli and Prof. Elio Conte but non of this is mentioned in their episode which was recorded in March 2018:

Questions and answers / Selected Youtube comments

I have copied selected answers to Youtube comments here, which I consider useful to gain a better understanding. Since these comments are from the video of my conversion with Tom Campbell, they are mostly metaphysical in nature, if you don't like that, you should not read them. Without having watched the video first, these answers will probably not make any sense.

I have rephrased and shortened the original questions of the people asking questions and I have anonymized their names to not get into trouble with the Youtube community rules.


Subject: Blind kids and the use of metaphors

If 99% of all kids can learn this, why don't all blind kids learn it?

I should have been more clear on that: The 99% success rate was for children with normal sight. When it comes to blind children it is much more difficult, takes more time (usually at least 5 days for the very first steps and the need for additional training sessions afterwards) and the success is also not certain. I know only about a handful of blind children that Evelyn has successfully trained but I have no value for a success rate as the numbers are too low for any real statistics.

Why do all children look exactly in the direction of the puck when playing tabletop hockey? Why don't they just look straight ahead and showing off their ability to see without looking?

I think Tom explained that in our discussion. The metaphor that is allowing them to see is that they can see through metaphorical holes in the mask, they dont recognize them as a metaphor they are their experienced reality. They have to turn their head into the exact position so that the hole aligns with whatever they intent to see. They can not keep their head in one position and "scroll" or "move around" what is being shown to them through the hole. It is part of the limitation of the metaphor as Tom explained in this video.

In case of Svea the girl playing tabletop hockey she had to use just one of her two viewing holes as they are not aligned in a way that she could see through both. So she has to pick one hole and look through that with one eye. She explains all that during my interview with her.

Some viewers noted that there is a slightly strange head position for some of the kids and this is particularly the case for those with a small viewing hole. Luan for example seems to have a very large field of vision and I found him making a lot less strange movements simply because he did not have any reason to do that as he could pretty much move his eyes inside the mask to view different areas without having to move his head as much compared to those with a smaller viewing hole.

Regarding staring at the puck, if you had a rather small viewing window and you had a fast moving object you would have to try to keep your limited field of vision focused on that object. If you loose it, it might come out of left field and you had not seen it coming. This actually happened quite often with Julius but I did not see a point in showing that as it would have taken a lot of explaining to make any sense of it


Tom says metaphors can be useful to focus intent. Experiments would be more convincing if a metaphor was chosen that does not involve the eyes at all.

Also were experiments also conducted in a pitch black room?

An the "eyeless" metaphor has to be used in cases of children that are completely blind when they have not even the slightest aspect of vision left. But these cases take a huge amount of training time to even start with basic visual impressions. I only recall one case that Evelyn told me about, most other blind people she trained could at least distinguish light and dark and thus an "eyesight-based" metaphor was used for them as well. Blind people are generally trained without a mask. Imagine a blind person putting on his Mindfold mask in order to read. That would not go down well with anybody so their training involves something that Tom mentioned about parallel processing and overlaying the information based image in the minds eye with the remaining visual impressions for the physical eyes.

The whole selecting the right metaphor boils down to time and money and I think the reason for the currently used metaphor for kids with normal eyesight is that it works reliably and really fast and thus does not require much patience from the kids and also not much money paid by the parents.

You also have to keep in mind, that for the kids these are no metaphors, it is their experienced reality. You see that in the answers from the two girls to my interview question related to "seeing with the minds eye". Emilie did not understand my question at all and Svea said her experience of seeing with the mask was "just real". So they lack a layer of abstracting from their own experiences.

The experiments to identify colors in dark rooms were only conducted by Luan and Lennie at home in their cellars with each of their parents. In the location where I filmed the documentary there was not even a separate room despite a dark room. So no way I could replicate their experiments myself on that day. Also how would I have filmed in the dark? Voices telling colors on a dark screen and claiming this was an "seeing without eyes experiment in a dark room" will get me some good laughter from the skeptics but not convince anybody. I might do that at some point just to know for myself, but I'm not sure how to report on it in a convincing way. I don't have any infrared camera equipment at hand, my whole website is a hobby project that does not create any income since the entire website as well as my Youtube channel is free of any ads but that has the downside that I have no budget for high tech equipment.


Subject: Blind adults learning to see again

This section is not part of a Youtube comment but it relates to the previous topic of blind children: During a conversion with Axel (Evelyn's training partner) I learned that what causes most problems with adult blind people is not to get them to the point where they are able to see again but to get their mind / worldview to the point where it can integrate the experience. He had multiple cases where he was able to bring the vision of a blind person back rather quickly but the person experienced that as a real shock. In several cases even memory suppression mechanisms like active forgetting kick in. These mechanisms normally have the function e.g. to suppress traumatic abuse experience so that for example a child that had to live through a horrible abuse experience can completely forget it ever happened and lead a normal life afterwards. Axel has observed this mechanism in action with blind people learning to see without their eyes. He had multiple cases of adult blind people who had forgotten hours after having regained full vision that it ever happened. Other people have dropped out of the course immediately after having had their first full visual experience. Other blind people were able to deal with regaining sight for several weeks but then came to a point where they actively decided that they had to stop the entire process and go back to being blind. The changes in their life were too radical to deal with and they just wanted their life to go back to "normal". It might be hard to believe but the main problem seems to be within our own mind and its ability to allow / integrate these experiences. As Axel told me even adults with normal vision actually have similar problems when they see through the mask for the very first time but they are not nearly as dramatic as the problems that blind people have.


Subject: Head positioning

Just an observation: The girl playing air hockey seems to be looking to one side during the game!

Good observation but if you listen to her description on the position of her "metaphorical eyeholes" that she gave during my interview with her then she always has to select one and use one eye to look through one opening. She can not just look straight ahead as there she can not see anything. Since the position she indicates during the interview is towards the bottom and towards the nose on both sides, I think her head movements seem consistent with her description.

When the kids read and look at the book they appear to be tilting their head to one side viewing from an angle. Why?

I think it is difficult to say anything about that as long as we do not know the exact position of the (metaphorical) viewing holes for each kid. Only Svea the girl pointed to the exact area on the mask where her two viewing holes are located, that is what I was refering to in my previous comment. All others kids just talked about holes but not in which exact position within the mask the hole was located. If you only had a viewing hole on the left upper corner of the mask you would have to tilt your head to the right and down to view straight ahead in order to see anything. I guess without exact knowledge about the location of the viewing holes we could only speculate on where they might be and thus in which direction they have to tilt their head (left/right/up/down) in order to look through their individual holes into a particular direction.


Subject: Selected footage and more rigorous testing


What role did the editing and selecting only impressive scenes play in the documentary? I suggest all of the footage should be released without preselection. Also more regurous testing should be done to avoid suplementary sensory information.


I agree more thorough experiments would be better but when the opportunity to make the documentary came up I just took it and did what was possible. At the location there was not even a separate room to do the interview so we had to use the access to the toilets to do the interviews to avoid the noise in the main hall. So we had people walking through the picture all the time which is the reason for all of the cuts in the interviews. So it was a really low budget endeavor and was never intented as a formal scientific experiment.

I would also like more controlled experiments as they would be more convincing but all the kids live in a different part of Germany than myself and I don't even know if they are interested at all in doing more experiments in a location that at least has a separate room without noise. For them the whole thing is just part of their normal reality and not really a big deal as it is for those people who realize that the phenomenon contradicts materialism at a fundamental level.

After I recorded the Psi Demystified talk with Tom I have found out about scientific experiments done at a univeristy in Italy in 2015. There are two videos available on that subject, an interview and a video from the actual experiments, I linked both from the video description. Unfortunately the decision was made that since the results could not be explained, they were never formally published. Very sad but part of the "taboo of psi" in the scientific community that Dean Radin talked about in his lecture at Google.

On your question on selected footage. The amount of cutting was really limited, I think I had total footage of 1 hour and 6 minutes (from the main camera, not counting the secondary camera that was running during the interviews). The documentary ended up being 35 minutes long. A lot of scenes simply were not worth showing or were simply too lengthy that I would have lost the attention of viewers who always need something new happening in whatever is presented to them. Additionally there were several more kids present who could also see without their eyes but either the kids or their parents did not agree to me filming these kids. Since the kids most of the time all played together it was a bit difficult to have the kids I was allowed to film separate from the others and a lot of the footage ended up having at least one kid in them that I was not allowed to film. I already blurred out a lot of background stuff but blurring a moving object in a video ended up being so much work that I simply dismissed almost all scenes with kids I was not allowed to show. All of the kids basically ignored my filming and just did their thing so it was not like I had them try anything multiple times until I got a "good shot". I was only the silent observer documenting them having fun.

In case you want to contact Evelyn, the woman who taught the kids of member of my German Matrixwissen discussion group as well as the kids from my German documentary, then you can reach her through her website:

Feel free to leave constructive criticism, suggestions or links to other sources on this subject in the comment section. If all you plan to do is voice your outrage about this topic being taken seriously on this website, then don't waste your time on writing anything. Offended egos usually have no valuable contribution to make in coming to a better understanding on any subject whatsoever.

Thank you01075y



0 #16 Matrixwissen 2020-01-06 10:09

I think you have not read the content of this article before making this comment.
For their experiments at the University of Bari Prof. Pierangeli and Prof. Conte have used different masks and not Mindfold masks. These masks were like equipment for divers which had sensors built inside the mask to measure light and record eye movements (5th video in this article). Do you really think both scientists are incompetent in making scientific experiments? Also in the second video in this article you see that the eyes have been taped shut under the Mindfold mask. How do you explain someone can still read random numbers if their eyes are taped shut below the mask?
0 #15 chris 2020-01-06 09:52
Unfortunately there are strong indicators that its a scam:
It only works with the special masks - not with other masks, eyes closed, darkness, a sheet of paper before the eyes etc.
Different versions of the mindfols masks have different view areas for the same person - the foam mask has viewpoints at the nose and outer ridge, indicating its the mask not sitting tight and allowing vision. Another textile mask allows to see straight, likely a small hole pinched by a needle. There is a video by someone who took the course and talks about how the new mask allows him to see straight instead of at the sides
There are people who took the course and call it all fake - see the creator of
0 #14 Matrixwissen 2019-09-05 07:18
Quoting Jonathan:
Hello I am looking for exercises available online for free, to train this ability.
Were can I find them?
Can you give me some links plaese?
Thank you very much

I'm not aware of any online courses to learn this. There are two other teachers besides Evelyn in Germany but as far as I know they also only do trainings in person. Also courses in English are rare at the moment and I am not aware of any teacher for the Infovision method that teaches adults besides these three teachers from Germany. Evelyn has an English course in the second week of October 2019 I don't think the other two teachers do anything in English at all.
0 #13 Jonathan 2019-09-05 01:33
Hello I am looking for exercises available online for free, to train this ability.
Were can I find them?
Can you give me some links plaese?
Thank you very much
0 #12 RAYMOND FERNANDO 2019-05-19 21:08

I do not know how to thank you for this wealth of information supporting the phenomenon of Seeing without eyes.
We started this training in the East following the lead of Chinese educators who coined the term "Mid brain Activation." (
0 #11 Matthew 2019-01-15 00:14
Quoting Matrixwissen:

very interesting experiences you've had. If the topics you want to ask Tom about can be asked in a public format, the best way would be to create yourself an account on Tom's forum and post your questions as questions for a future Fireside Chat. We usually try to include them when possible. If possible try to somehow make them short, that would raise the probability to have them picked and get an answer. Here is the forum thread where we collect questions for Tom:

Emailing Tom will most likely not be successful as he simply gets too many emails to answer them so using the Fireside Chat option is my advice if your questions can be asked in that format.

Thanks for the reply. I understand the importance of brevity. In the last week the laptop has been weird again. It's hard to believe, but I had asked the spirit instead of switching tabs to instead switch programs. And it happened -- in context. Twice. Apparently it likes 'a midsummer's night dream' and I am Nick Bottom.

And furthermore -- not sure if you follow me -- that play is a reference to the most significant synchronicity I experienced -- very painful. The play is a dream within a dream.

The problem remains though that meaningful coincidences are easier to find and rationalize the higher your crystallized intelligence.

I will try to condense the questions down into something precise and somewhat technical.
0 #10 Matrixwissen 2019-01-08 20:48

very interesting experiences you've had. If the topics you want to ask Tom about can be asked in a public format, the best way would be to create yourself an account on Tom's forum and post your questions as questions for a future Fireside Chat. We usually try to include them when possible. If possible try to somehow make them short, that would raise the probability to have them picked and get an answer. Here is the forum thread where we collect questions for Tom:

Emailing Tom will most likely not be successful as he simply gets too many emails to answer them so using the Fireside Chat option is my advice if your questions can be asked in that format.
0 #9 Matthew 2019-01-08 20:24
I didn't tell you why I was visiting your site. It turns out your interview of Tom was linked to a synchronicity event. I was writing down on my dry erase board all synchronicities -- starting with the most glaring one I experienced. Then I thought, 'is that the most significant synchronicity I will experience'? At that moment, my laptop which was in sleep mode with its lid closed started playing. IT had been paused within Chrome the previous night and gone into sleep mode. It played for maybe 20 seconds at most with Tom speaking, and then shut off again.

Remarkable? Very. But just a coincidence I thought. I've owned that laptop for about 2 years now. It has never woken up like that. Its in sleep mode throughout most of the day and I am around it often. But still, that alone could have been a coincidence. And probably was -- except for what happened next.

I was in bed with my laptop near bye, again in sleep mode. I had re-installed windows 10 at this point. In that moment I thought about what happened with the laptop in the past and questioned directly: Could the laptop turn on again or was it just a coincidence? And then it turned on! It was a video of an Indian quantum physicist. I listened for about 20 min, but halfway though was getting groggy and wasn't really paying attention.

Just like before, the words spoken by the Indian physicist were directly relevant to other thoughts I was having.

I noticed this fact and wondered if it was going to continue to play. I couldn't state exactly when it turned off, but it did soon after that.

If that is all that happened, I would still label this an extraordinary coincidence. But what happened next floored me! I thought, well, if that still could be a coincidence. But not if it turned back on! AND IT DID! But not only did it turn on, it turned on and repeated the segment I had not been paying attention to.

These events occurred within about a month of each other. Its never turned on out of context by itself either.

I am sure this sounds like a bit of superstition. I don't know how it appears to you. But I talked to someone familiar with the Sam Parnia AWARE study and found some additional related phenomena. I read very carefully the research paper and asked an NDE researcher in person if there was 'something more' to how the out of body experience was measured in the aware study. She quickly admitted that the measurement equipment FAILED at the moment the OBE occurred.

How would I email Tom campbell some questions? I wonder if he would answer more technical ones? My degree is not in physics, but I do have enough interest to research carefully what to ask.

All of this, combined with other research and experiences make me strongly consider a form of idealism as being a more accurate view of the world -- or maybe Tom's ideas, or even Donald Hoffmans. Tom appears convinced our ego's away and what remains is a quality of soul that is developed over eons. So its not our loved ones sending us messages through mediums. There are many different opinions. I believe sometimes Tom delibaretly makes decisions that make it hard to penetrate his core beliefs. For example, stating that it would be an ego based activity to prove his talents (this he has not said, but I infer from his talks). Or the idea that the larger consciousness system will not reveal how responsive it is to our thoughts (like the children seeing while blind -- this surprised him).

If 'we' can create reality surely we can parallel process 1,000,000 experiences at once -- all our egos together, all those past lives with children and parents etc. As we all know, expert opinion is the least reliable. But we have no way to even have disagreement! After all, the medium say that they feel in contact with other persons -- not data, but Tom says its an illusion. Part of me agrees based upon NDE's.
0 #8 Matthew 2019-01-02 11:23
I didn't mean the LCH is a technology of itself. Anyway, hey have a nice video:

Around the 64 min mark Stuart states cellular recordings of time sequenced events give very direct supporting evidence of the Bem psi results. And then he says it was covered up by a famous neuroscientist. Not directly -- just that being honest would kill one's career.

Tom appears very confident. He should demonstrate his ability. Good luck with whatever you wind up doing. Very interesting work!
0 #7 Matthew 2019-01-01 12:05
Well, AGI depends on certain assumptions which really are not testable now. There are examples of beyond human intelligence within machines, but nothing like what humans can do. Robin Hanson disputes the singularity on economic grounds. However, if the singularity already happened then all that matters is understanding what it wants. Have you familiarized yourself with NDE's (near death experiences)? I have talked to a former president of IANDS who told me the rate of negative NDE's is very low. But if you were tortured by god would you talk about it???

The LCS to me is a label.

Why couldn't the LCS be a technology of whatever is beyond the LCS? We really have nothing to go on here.
0 #6 Matrixwissen 2018-12-31 15:40

I've heard of Yudkowsky and Goertzel before but I'm not that familiar with their work. I'm not sure if even the most sophisticated AI (as rational intelligence) can fully make up for the lack of intuition and emotions these system will always have. What made us humans successful in the scheme of evolution is having intelligence and intuition at the same time and the lack of either might be problematic especially when it comes to non-linear shifts during severe systemic crises.

I have some doubts that materialistic scientist will ever consider building an interface into an AI system that would allow direct interaction with the LCS as that would require them to consider its existence and accepting it as a valid information source for their AI system. An LCS-interface could be used to compensate for the lack of intuition of an AI system and it could also help to guide the purpose of the system.

We'll see how it plays out but I'm not worried about a purely rational intelligence based AI becoming overly powerful, having worked as an engineer on complex systems myself I tend to think the increasing complexity of these systems could be more of a problem to keep the systems running in a stable fashion than the systems providing us with technical solutions for our global problems as some might hope. Real innovations hardly ever just came from the intellect but had an intuitive element to them. Even with the best AI system that aspect will have to come from humans...

I'm still undecided on how to proceed with the Seeing without eyes subject. I have ideas for a few more experiments I would like to conduct but I'll have to weigh effort versus benefit at some point and then decide if I invest the time to do them.
0 #5 Matthew 2018-12-30 22:01

It's challenging to get people to pay attention. I am increasingly becoming convinced that a valid hypothesis that might explain the backstory / narrative to our existence here is our lives are a solution to the so named 'friendly AI' problem.

Have you heard of Eleizer Yudkowsky? Its quite ironic! Yudkowsky asks on his lesswrong blog why God does not simply teleport his chosen people out of slavery rather than sacrificing the first born sons of the ancient Egyptians. In other words, why isn't our world perfect if god is loving?

Perhaps there is no solution to ethical dilemmas except through lived experience? And who decides what is good? We are a subset of a network of conscious agents computing the solution to the friendly AI problem -- one species among many. That is why there is no right or wrong here, from this place.

But, whomever set this up could have been evil and programmed optimization for fear, pain, etc. Indeed, perhaps our emotions are food for higher transcendent minds. Metaphorically of course.

You are aware of the work of ben goertzel and the basics of AGI? Or that ben has stated he has been in contact with transcendent beings? He has stated he sometimes fears the simulation will be cut off. But i imagine that is a reference to power games played by bad state actors (iran, n. korea, etc).

Are you working on investigating this 'seeing without eyes' more deeply? Or is anyone? I know all about taboo science. Thanks for the reply. And happy new year!
+1 #4 Matrixwissen 2018-12-30 13:30
Quoting Matthew:

"He (Prof. Pierangeli) was successful at learning the skill and also describes his own bewilderment of being able to see "through" the mask in an interview you find further down in this article. "

Does that refer to the youtube video of him talking to a woman who teaches a course in this called infovision? Sadly that video does not confirm your private communication with that professor publicly. I believe you might have confused an email exchange with him, perhaps? Or maybe it got left out? Could you post the link and its timestamp?

I was refering to the interview with Prof. Pierangeli. He is asked about the experience that participants attempting the seminar to learn the skill experience their first time seeing through the mask as an illusion (as their mind somehow has to justify the experience). At timestamp 8:15 he is asked to give an explanation to this illusion and he says "Myself I got the same difficulty or illusion that we can call illusion" he then continues to explain the experience of a foggy spot that slowly becomes more clear an enlarges so that you are able to see through it. His statement that he "got the same illusion" implies that he had to have been able to see through the mask otherwise he would not have experienced the effect himself but could only talk about it based on other peoples experiences.
0 #3 Matthew 2018-12-30 12:51
I would be convinced if the professor stated he could do it too, otherwise its still hard for me to believe, but i am very open minded still. I believe psi is real, but not this. But it does explain so much....

"He (Prof. Pierangeli) was successful at learning the skill and also describes his own bewilderment of being able to see "through" the mask in an interview you find further down in this article. "

Does that refer to the youtube video of him talking to a woman who teaches a course in this called infovision? Sadly that video does not confirm your private communication with that professor publicly. I believe you might have confused an email exchange with him, perhaps? Or maybe it got left out? Could you post the link and its timestamp?

I've watched the documentary, read my big toe and seen Tom's explanation. I've read over 100 peer reviewed science articles within parapsychology and mediumship.

I actually have a small story to share, but its not as interesting as your documentary. You will likely read this page many weeks after its posted. Happy new year!
0 #2 Lee Degani 2018-12-23 01:04
Hi- just sent a comment (I do this work with children) but am also answering the question of why the kids tilt their heads to the side when reading. In the beginning the “light” that they see with usually begins in one specific area and is often on the left or right side of the eye or forehead. For sone children it is even on top of the head. Once their light gets stronger they no longer need to tilt their head to the side. Thank you,

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