John Dilgen - Staying positive under extremely difficult circumstances

John Hudson Dilgen is a teenager with a rare medical condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa. This basically means that his entire body over covered in wounds as his skin peels off whenever he bumps into anything. Due to this condition he is battling severe pain and is dependant on constant care by his parents and nurses. Despite being in such a difficult situation John is an extremely positive, kind and wise individual. Seeing him in the condition he is in but still being positive about life might help people to look at their own life struggles from a different perspective.


Here is a link to John's private website:

The following 5 videos about his life are very touching so you might want to watch them in a situation where you are comfortable with shedding a couple of tears.

Chris Ulmer's latest interview with John:

A previous interview Chris Ulmer did with John:

A short documentary on John's life as part of the "Born different" series

(A warning upfront: You will see scenes in this video of John's upper body that might be very painful to watch: If you're a highly empathic person, you might just have to stop watching this video at the point where John is getting ready to take a bath and fast forward to time stamp 6:30)


A short documentary from 2012


A really big change: A new home for John

For Thanksgiving 2018 the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation donated a new handicapped-accessible home to John and his family. It is a really big improvement for his quality of life. Here is a video from the day the foundation introduced John to his new home:


Special Books by Special Kids

I generally recommend to check out Chris Ulmer's Youtube channel, he makes videos where he interviews children with disabilities. Many of them are very uplifting others are a bit more difficult to watch like the videos about John.

It is hard to select any videos from Chris's channel as pretty much every single one is special in its own way. Here are five of my personal favourites: