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Mind, Brain and Consciousness

A group of renowned physicians and neuroscientist gathered at the United Nations in New York to present and discuss their latest insights on the relationship between mind, brain, and consciousness. The presented findings are revolutionary and point towards the emergence of a new paradigm in science.

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Holographic Universe

00156eAuthor Michael Talbot was interested in parallels between mysticism and physics and wrote several books in this field. Over the last decades scientists developed a holographic model of reality which can explain several inexplicable phenomena. Michael presents this model and also shares personal experiences which formed his worldview in this respect and inspired him to write a best-selling book on the topic.

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Scientific research on near-death experiences

00102cDr. Pim van Lommel is a Dutch cardiologist who started doing scientific research on near-death experiences after several of his cardiact arrest patients reported having witnessed events while their brain was clinically dead. In 2001 he published a by now famous Lancet study on the subject. In this interview he talks about his research and insights

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The Science Delusion

00325tBiochemist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake researched several delusions of science, particularly the assumptions on which modern science is based. In this lecture he traces back the history of several scientific dogmas and he shares his most inconvenient findings about them.

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Power of Subconscious Belief

00103dBruce Lipton was a professor for biology. During his research on genes, he made amazing discoveries. His key message : Your subconscious beliefs run your life. If these beliefs do not fit your life situation, you have the ability to change them.

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Nature of Reality

00136kThomas Campbell is a physicist who used to work for NASA. Over the last 30 years he developed a "Theory of Everything" that brings physics and metaphysics in one theory. In his lecture he presents a condensed summary of his theory.

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PSI Research

00224vDr. Dean Radin studied electrical engineering as well as psychology and has been researching PSI phenomena like telepathy and presentiments of future events for over 12 years. His experiments document that these phenomena are real but Dean's findings don't fit into the established scientific models.

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Gates of Awakening

00133hNeil Kramer identifies in this lecture different filters of conscious awareness, which conceil our perception of the external world. Additionally he provides some clues how to deconstruct these filters.

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Children's memories of previous lives

00101bDr. Jim Tucker is a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia. He has researched 2500 cases of children that have detailed memories about previous lives. In this interview Jim talks about his research into children who have provided names and other verifiable information from previous lives.

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Experiencing a stroke

00125zNeuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened - she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding - she studied and remembered every moment. In this lecture she shares her experience.

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Beware online filter bubbles

00118sIn this 9-minute lecture Eli Pariser elaborates on how filter algorithms are pre-selecting the information users are presented with on search engines like Google or websites like Facebook. This user-specific tailoring mechanism decides without our consent which information is of importance to us and puts us in a reality bubble that reconfirms our worldview.

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Crop Circles

This award-winning documentary explores the crop circle phenomenon from various angles. It presents scientific research results along with amazing videos and pictures of the most stunning formations. Various experts on crop circles are interviewed about their insights.

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The Day Before Disclosure

02063mThis documentary covers the UFO / ET presence on Earth. It presents evidence gathered over the last 60 years along with interviews of witnesses from military and government. A collection of highly unusual information which you might never hear about from mainstream news sources.

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This article might be challenging to your world view mainly because the mainstream media is either not reporting about these kind of subjects or they are being ridiculed and presented as laughable. From a psychological point of view ridiculing a subject is a protection mechanism because taking it seriously would just be too overwhelming. While reading this article it is recommended to do neither one. Try to read this information in a neutral way, consider the possibility of it being real but don't overrate it either.

The Disclosure Project - Testimony by over 400 ex-military and other ex-government employees

The "Disclosure Project" was started by Dr. Steven Greer in 1993 in an attempt to get in contact with first-hand military and government witnesses to UFO events and projects, in order to prepare evidence to be used in a public disclosure of this subject. By the year 2001 Dr. Greer was in possession of over 120 hours of video testimony by over 100 witnesses which originated either from government, military or the intelligence community. In the years after 2001 the number of witnesses increased to over 400.

During a press conference helt on May 9th 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington Dr. Greer presented over 20 government witnesses in person who repeated their testimony of extraordinary experiences during their time of service. Unfortunately this press conference was not reported on by mainstream media and thus the event only reached people who were already aware of it in advance.

These are several of the cases reported during this press conference :


John Callahan (FAA Head of Accidents and Investigations in Washington) was notified about a UFO sighting in Alaska on November 18th 1986. It was first spotted by a japanese 747 airline crew but was also seen on radar by the FAA. Video footage was taken in the FAA control room showing the UFO on the radar screen, the testimony of the pilot was recorded aswell as a recording of the communication between tower and pilot during the event.

All this data was shown during a government briefing in Washington the next day. The CIA representatives present confiscated all evidence and swore everybody present to secrecy stating that "this meeting never happened and this event never happened".



Lt. Col. Charles Brown (US Air Force) joined the US Airforce in 1949 and was assigned to the "Office of Special Investigations" (OSI) which was responsible for all UFO sighting investigations at that time. Many cases Charles investigated on his job had ground visual, ground radar, airborne visual and airborne radar reportings by trained professionals and pilots. Charles is convinced that the UFO phenomena is real beyond any doubt.





Michael Smith (US Air Force Radar Controller) arrived at his job as a radar controller in Oregon in early 1970 when he saw a UFO hovering at 80000 feet. The UFO descended to an altitude where it went below the radar but after 5 minutes instantly reappeared at 80000 feet within seconds it changed to a location 200 miles away. Michael was told that for these kind of events NORAD is notified but nothing is ever written down. Later in 1970 while on his job he received a call from NORAD notifing him that a UFO was coming up the California coastline, he was supposed to not write down anything about it. In late 1972 Michael was stationed in Michigan where he received calls from police officers who were chasing 3 UFOs. Michael could confirm the UFOs on his radar but he knew that due to Air Force policy he had to deny seeing anything on radar.



Enrique Kolbeck (Senior Air Traffic Controller) worked at the airport of Mexico City on March 4th 1992 when he noticed 15 UFOs on radar about 50 miles from the airport. On July 28th 1994 an almost collision between a UFO and a domestic flight happened. During the two weeks after this multiple UFOs where reported by pilots and seen on radar. On September 15th 1994 there was a 5 hour long radar sighting of a UFO. The list of cases goes on and on. Mexico seems to be a location where a lot more UFO activity happens than in other places on Earth. Air traffic controllers are concerned about flight safety because the issue is officially not being talked about and there are so many cases each year.



Commander Graham Bethune (US Navy Pilot) was flying from Iceland to Neufoundland February 10th 1951 when he saw a UFO rapidly approaching his plane. There was an almost collision and 4-5 failures including the compass and other direction finding equipment occured at that time. The UFO flew next to his plane for a while so that he, the rest of the crew and the 31 passengers could all see it. The UFO had a dome as well as other features detailed in a written report which has been released from the US National Archives. The UFO was tracked on radar flying faster that 1800 miles per hour.




Dan Willis (US Navy) worked at the Naval Communications Station in San Franscisco. In 1969 he received a priority message from a ship near Alaska which witnessed a glowing object with a 70 feet diameter emerging from the water and shooting into space at about 7000 miles per hour. The object was tracked on ships radar. Several years later Dan talked to a co-worker who used to work at NORAD. This co-worker reported that there were frequent trackings of UFOs taking place at NORAD which involve object doing right-angle turns at thousands of miles per hour.




Captain Robert Salas (Air Force) worked as a nuclear missile launch officer in Montana on March 24th 1967. While on duty in the bunker where the launch control room for the nuclear missiles was located he received a call from the security guard at the surface. This guard reported that a bright red object was hovering at the front gate of the missile facility. Robert woke up his commander who was resting at that time, while he was briefing him on what happened at the surface about 8 nuclear missiles went into a no-go condition and become unlauchable. Shortly thereafter the UFO disappeared. When reporting this incident he learned that at a different nuclear launch site a similar incident happened just a few weeks ealier.



Sergeant Karl Wolf (US Air Force) was a precision electronics photographic repairman at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, In Mid 1965 he was assigned to help with the repair of equipment from the Lunar Orbiter Project. While waiting in the dark room where the broken photo equipment was located an Airman Second Class - who was the only person present with Karl at that time - told him that "they discovered a base at the back side of the moon". He then proceeded to show Karl pictures of this base that had been developed at this photo lab. The photos showed artificial structures, towers and mushroom shaped buildings.



Donna Hare (NASA employee) worked for NASA from 1967 to 1981 as a design illustrator. She was responsible for launch and landing slides of the various missions. She had the clearance to also go into a special NASA photo lab across the hallway where she worked. The tech person working there drew her attention to a NASA photograph which clearly showed a UFO. When she asked what he would do with this kind of information his response was "We always airbrush them out before we sell them to the public". From another NASA employee Donna was told that the NASA astronauts saw UFOs on the moon when they landed.



Larry Warren (US Air Force Security Officer) was stationed at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk / England in 1980. In December 1980 for three consecutive nights UFOs where seen at his base. There were landings involved, extraterrestrial life forms where seen by multiple witnesses during the landings. The base commander Charles Halt documented the events on his handheld tape recorder and these tapes are publically available (This case is one of the best documented military UFO cases. A segment from the documentary "Out of the Blue" coveres this case and has been marked as highly recommended so you can fast forward to this part. The documentary is available in the Resource section).




Major George A. Filer, III (US Air Force Pilot and Intelligence Officer) was asked to chase a UFO by London Air Traffic Control in the winter of 1962. When closing in on the UFO he got a very distinct radar return on his onboard radar and he could also see a bright object at the given location. When he got to about 1 mile distance from the object it lit up and shot up into space. On January 18th 1978 while working at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, George was told that that night multiple UFOs were sighted on radar and one had landed. An extraterrestrial biological entity had been shot by a military police man at Fort Dix, the wounded alien then climed across the fence onto McGuire Base. George first did not believe these reports but after talking to multiple witnesses he concluded that this incident did really happen.



Sgt. Clifford Stone (US Army) was working in a secret unit responsible for recovering debris of crashed UFOs. On several cases extraterrestrial biological lifeforms were found at the crash site, several of them still alive. In 1969 Clifford had his first experience of recovering a UFO in Pennsylvania. When he arrived at the scene he found out that dead bodys of extraterrestrial beings had been discovered on the craft. This was only the first of 12 similar events he personally witnessed.




Daniel Sheehan works as an attorney. In 1977 he was contacted by Marcia Smith who was director of the science and technology division of the congressional research service. Ms. Smith informed Daniel that President Jimmy Carter helt a meeting with then CIA directory George H.W. Bush when he became president in January of 1977. In this meeting he demanded to be handed over documentation of UFOs conducted by the CIA. George H.W. Bush denied this request because the US President did not have a high enough security clearance to be provided with this kind of information. Since Daniel was general council of the US Jesuit Headquarter at that time Ms. Smith asked him if he could arrange access to the Vatican Library and its information on UFOs. This access was denied by the Vatican.



Dr. Carol Rosin worked as personal assistant to the late Wernher von Braun (the "US father of rockerty"). During her discussions with him he disclosed to her that there was a secret plan for the weaponization of space. The false pretense to build space-based weapons would first be the Russians, then there would be terrorists, then there would be third world countries, then there would be asteroids and finally there would be an artificial threat by extraterrestrials. By that time she didnt take him seriously but after starting her own research and becoming a defense system consultant she found out that the plan is real and that it is - just as von Braun said - all based on lies.


These are only some of the most interesting testimonies given during this press conference. It is highly recommended to watch the entire press conference on video so that you can look these people in the eye while they make their statements. This way you can judge for yourself if any of them is dishonest. You also have to ask yourself, why any of these people would make up such outlandish claims. They all know that they will get ridiculed for their statements and they do not have any books to sell or any other financial gain from speaking out.

It is also recommended to watch the DVD of witness testimony provided by the Disclosure Project which contains additional witnesses and more in depth testimony of the witnesses from this press conference.


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00127bBen Underwood lost both eyes at the age of 3. He taught himself to create clicking sounds with his tongue and use the echos to create an image of his environment in his mind in order to learn to see without eyes.

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What about money?

00398rBernard Lietaer is a former Central Banker, fond manager and university professor with more than 30 years of experience in the monetary system. In this interview he speaks in plain English about money, the Euro, the US Dollar and their future.

Link to interview in the Resource section

Churnalism & Flat Earth News

00390jNick Davies worked as an investigative journalist for over 35 years. In this lecture he shares his insights on how the world of the press really works. He dismantles the golden rule of "objective reporting" and points out conflicts of interests which increasingly hinder truthful reporting.  

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Money & the Turning of the Age

00108iIn this lecture author Charles Eisenstein talks about how money changed the relationship between humanity and the world. He shares his vision of a society, which rediscovered its relationship to nature and where appreciation is expressed in other ways than just money.

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Corporatocracy and global empire

00100a 120John Perkins worked as Chief Economist at a major consulting firm. Over the years he became more and more aware of the massive amout of corruption the US empire is based upon but played along for a while. Finally he left his job and spoke out. A highly recommended interview !

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9/11 - Investigation of a Swiss historian

00104eDr. Daniele Ganser is a Swiss historian who teaches at Basel University. In this English lecture he presents a Swiss historian's view on the evidence on 9/11. A highly recommended overview of subjects and evidence usually not covered by the mass media.

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Crash course

00106gChris Martenson's "Crash course" from 2009 explains the inbuilt problems of the global economy, the financial system and society as a whole in easily understandable terms. Chris advocates to use common sense and prepare for what is coming.

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The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is a 20 minute documentary that takes a critical look at Western consumer culture and the hidden costs in the process of producing cheap goods.

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Problema - 100 deep questions

In September 2006 over 100 great thinkers gathered for a round table discussion in Berlin. During this 9-hour day all participant were asked 100 deep questions and their responses were filmed simultaneously.

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Seeking Truth

In this series of lectures Mark Passio gives an excellent insight into his quest for truth. Mark covers a wide range of topics, he is an eloquent presenter and his lectures are clearly laid out. Highly recommended viewing !

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Propaganda in a democracy

02058hThe documentary Psywar takes a close look at how propaganda and public relations have grown into a most powerful tool in shaping western democracies. Perception management replaced balanced reporting of events in the news and you should understand how you are being manipulated.

Link to documentary in the Resource section

9/11 - Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out

The group "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" created a documentary in which they interview 53 experts about the scientific facts regarding 9/11. The result is a compelling collection of evidence why the official government story can not be true.

Link to documentary in the Resource section

Architects on 9/11

00160iRichard Gage worked for over 20 years as an architect and constructed several high-rise buildings. In this lecture he informs about research he conducted on 9/11 together with 1900 other architects. They discovered severe inconsistencies in the official story.

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