Mirin Dajo - The invulnerable prophet (english) [1948]

00129dDutchman Mirin Dajo conducted several public demonstrations during the years 1947/1948 in which he had the upper part of his body penetrated by daggers. It did not matter if his body was penetrated from the front, from the back or from the side, there was never any blood visible at the points of entry and exit and he obviously did not feel any pain. Even investigation by doctors lead to no explaination but the doctors really had to rack their brains over what they saw.

This video shows dangerous and shocking images. Be warned to never try this at home, because "normal" people will not survive these procedures.


This video is without narration but here is a 2 minute german text intro which you can skip over. The interesting part of the video starts at 2:40



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In my second Matrixwissen interview (in the second question) I'm talking to philosopher Neil Kramer and physicist Tom Campbell about the case of Mirin Dajo - How is this possible and why are so few people able to deal with these kind of anomalies within our reality ?