Crop Circles - Crossovers from Another Dimension (english) [2006]

01091oThis award-winning documentary investigates the crop circle phenomenon. Every summer these strange patterns appear in fields in the entire world but primarily in United Kingdom. At least some of them are evidently not made by humans. So who creates them ? Is there an alien intelligence behind the phenomena ? If so why do they create them and remain hidden and what is the message ? This documentary explores the phenomenon from various angles. It shows never before seen video footage and stunning areal photos and interviews the world's leading experts on the subject : Charles Mallett, Lucy Pringle, Michael Glickman, Nancy Talbot, Andy Thomas, Miles Johnston, Allan Brown, Francine Blake, Paul Vigay, Karen Alexander, Jonathan Sherwood and Andreas Müller.

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It was provided for free on Youtube by UFOTVstudios who is also the distributer of the DVD

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Another really cool crop circle documantary from Germany (but with a professional English soundtrack) is available in the Resource section. It's called "The New Swirled Order".


The crop circle in the upper photo appeared during the night of August 12th to August 13th 2001 at Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England. It consists of 409 individual circles and it is one of if not the biggest crop circle that ever appeared. It had a diameter of 780 feet (240 meters). During the night in question there was heavy rainfall but the first eye witnesses who entered for formation documented that the crop showed no signs of mud or other indications that it was stamped upon by humans. Due to the large size, the 409 indivudal elements and it's perfect shape this is probably one of the best indicators that at least some crop circles are not man-made :