Charles Eisenstein : Money and the Turning of the Age (english) [12/2010]

00108iCharles Eisenstein was born in 1967. Already as a child he was asking the deeper questions of life but it took him a while to come up with answers to them. He graduated from Yale University with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy but did not find any satisfying answers on this path. He went to Taiwan, learned Chinese and started to work as a translator. He educated himself in Eastern spiritual traditions and started reading books on a wide variety of subjects. In Taiwan he met his ex-wife Patsy and he has 3 children with her. Charles also is an author. His book "The Ascent of Humanity" is available for free in the Resource section of this website and it is highly recommended.

Charles talks about the role of money and how it is at the core of the story western civilisation is all about. Starting from the time money was invented it seems to have developed magic properties because people attribute a lot of power to these practically worthless sheets of paper with symbols on them. Charles continues talking about the human sense of self and how the stories we have been told about humans being seperate from nature have been proven wrong by science over the recent years and that a new understanding of our role in the world and the way we view ourselves is required. The division of the universe into the human realm and a natural realm mirrors an internal division of the body and the spirit. Money supports this division because it has separation built into it and it increases separation.

Charles explains how money is created by creating debt and that this mechanism causes the necessity for endless growth and is the root cause for competition because people have to compete for money which in this system is always scarce.

In todays business world goods (e.g. water) and services (e.g. watching your neighbours children) which used to be free in the past, have been converted into money. But what happens, when there is nothing left to convert ? This and other questions will be dealt with in his talk :


Additional information :

In the Resource section an interview with Charles on the topic "Money and Life" is available.

In January 2012 Charles gave a similar lecture in Vancouver, Canada. Following that lecture a short Q&A session took place. A couple of questions were quite interesting, so the MP3 file of this session can be downloaded by clicking on this link :

A 12-minute short film "Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein" :


Early in 2013 Charles talked with Brian Rose and Nic Gabriel from LondonReal.TV

It is a really interesting interview in which Charles starts out talking about his own path, how he graduated from collage but then decided not be become part of the system and moved to Taiwan. He continues talking about the education system and then moves into the topics covered in his latest book "Sacred Economics" (The interview starts at 4:35) :