Bernard Lietaer : What about money ? (english) [08/2012]

00398rBernard Lietaer is an internation expert in the design and implementation of currency systems. Over a period of more than 30 years, he has worked as a Central Banker, fund manager, university professor and as consultant to governments, corporations and community organizations. In his function as a Central Banker he was directly involved in the implementation of the Euro. His professorships of economics include the University of Louvain, Sonoma State University and Naropa University. Bernard is currently a Research Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Resources of the University of California at Berkeley.

In August 2012 Bernard was interviewed by Lars Schall ( This interview was recorded by Michael Leitner (

Website of Bernard Lietaer :


Time stamps for this interview :

01:30 From the knowledge of money comes liberty/freedom - Is that true ?
02:10 Why is it important to think about money ? Unconsciousness and fate
02:40 Origins and nature of money, defining the term money
04:25 Connection between money system and patriarchic societies
06:25 Money is created through new debt, shouldn't we call this insane ?
07:45 The magic of compound interest, Fractional Reserve Banking
09:25 What does our money system promote of enhance ? The connection between money and war
10:30 Systemic instability of a monoculture monetary system
12:00 Gold backing of paper money, central banks, governments and gold
15:10 The role of central banks, several central banks are privately owned and not public
17:05 Gold standard, competition between Dollar and gold, gold price manipulation
20:00 Will the US Dollar fail ? Was the Euro a good idea ?
22:25 Complementary currency systems, global "Terra" currency, long-term thinking
25:40 Georg Simmel, is money our God ? The connection between money and power
27:10 End of interview


Additional information :

In the Knowledge Base, you can read an article which covers the systemic problems of the current monetary system in more detail.


This is a 20-minute lecture by Bernard Lietaer which he helt in September 2011 for the Irish activist group FEASTA. In it he presents 2 possible solutions : 1. A secondary currency (called Boons) which is designed in a way that it supports social or environmental projects and also ensures that these kind of projects can be financed. 2. A secondary currency (called C3) which helps small and medium sized companies by adressing the problem that large companies only pay their bills after 90 days but expect to be payed themselves after just 30 days :


A 1-minute interview with Bernard Lietaer about how money is created :